How to Get Candle & Other Wax Out of Carpet in Los Angeles, CA; Freezing or Heating Wax Spots, Spills & Stains

There are some things that get spilled on carpets that seem like there is no way it will ever come out. One of the things is when there is wax from a candle that happens to spill on the carpet. Wax is a solid and when it gets heated up it turns to a liquid. After it is away from the heat it will turn back to a solid. The problem is that the liquid has soaked down into and all around the fibers. Then when it hardens it is still all around these individual fibers. That makes it hard to remove. Some people think that it is over and that there is no way to remove it once it sets in. You cannot obviously sit and pick at the spot hoping to get the hardened wax off and you don’t want to have to replace the carpet or attempt to hide the spot. There are some options that you can try to remove the wax spots from your carpet.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning List Steps to Take When Cleaning a Wax Spot Stain Out of Your Carpets

Try To Freeze The Wax Spill on Your Carpet: If you have the unfortunate chance to clean wax off the carpet in your home you can try to freeze it. You want to grab a bag of ice or a large ice pack that can cover the area. You want to get the wax as hard as it can be so that when you go to chip it away it will come off. Once you have allowed the ice to sit for about ten minutes you can use a hard object like a butter knife to scrape away the wax. This is the best method if it has not had time to get deep in the carpet fibers.
Try To Heat the Wax Stain on Your Carpet: If you have used ice to freeze away the wax spill with no success you can use heat. This method is a great way to try and pull the wax out of the carpet. You need to have a few items to use such as an iron, a brown paper bag and a wash rag. Get your iron out and set it to the hottest setting you can that does not have steam. You need a nice dry heat for this application. Then grab your brown paper bag such as the ones you pack a school lunch or you use in a grocery store. Lay the brown bag over the affected area and use the heated iron to heat the dried wax. Be sure to stay just over that particular area so you are not spreading the wax any further. The wax will get heated up and the brown bag will soak up the wax and pull it away from the carpet. You may need to do the process again to ensure that all the wax has been removed.

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If you want to have your carpets treated and a wax stain removed from the carpet it is always a good idea to call a professional carpet cleaning company. Eco Clean Air Ducts is standing by for all your floor and upholstered furniture cleaning needs.

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