Causes of Water Damage on Carpet in Winnetka, CA & How to Clean Up After a Roof Leak etc

Your carpets can be damaged and stained in many ways. If you have gum that has been dropped on the carpet you want to use the ice cube method to freeze then remove the gum after it has hardened. If you have red wine you need to use white wine to counteract the color. When it comes to mud on the floor you need to allow the mud to dry out before you can work on cleaning it up. There are different methods you can use for specific types of messes. One of the messes you need to take seriously is if there is water flooded on the carpet. The water will lead to mold and mildew. These are both things that can lead to health concerns if you live in the same area. The water can also leave sediment behind after it has dried out. It is best to have your carpets treated by a professional that has the expertise in water damage clean up. There are several ways that your carpets may be soaked with water.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Outlines Common Ways Carpets May Be Damaged by Water

A Broken Appliance Can Cause Water Damage: There are several appliances in your home that use water to operate. When one of these appliances has damage or malfunctions it will oftentimes leak water. The water heater is a major culprit for water damage to your carpets. You might also have a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, ice maker or freezer that may break and could potentially leak. The good thing is that the water that is leaking out of the appliance is likely clean and will not contain much in the way of contaminants. The water still needs to be cleaned up and dried out so that it prevents further damage. Be sure that you shut off the water to that appliance and repair or replace it right away.
Burst Pipe Water Damage: If your appliances are not to blame for a leak in the house your plumbing may be. The plumbing system has pipes that run through the whole house and helps distribute the water from the street to your houses sinks, showers, appliances and toilets to name a few. These pipes are all connected and can become damaged or broken in the system. This will lead to a leak that is in the walls and onto the carpet that will need to be cleaned. The pipes may even be in the walls and hard to locate when looking for a leak. You need to shut the water off at the main valve until the leak has been located.
Roof Leak Causes Water Damage: Your roof can end up being damaged in a storm or high wind. The damage can allow water from rain and snow to leak into the house and potentially onto the carpet. The water will be full of contaminants that add an extra level of health concerns as well.

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No matter the cause of the water damage, you need to be sure that the water is cleaned and dried from your carpets as soon as possible before dangerous mold grows posing a health risk to your loved ones. If you call Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning right away, we can extract the water, thoroughly dry the carpet as well as clean and deodorize your carpet before mold develops. Call us today.

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