Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions in North Hollywood, CA; Water, Vinegar, Dish Soap & More

Carpets are fairly easy to care for. With the soft padded texture and beautiful color varieties, they are commonly found in homes. If a spill occurs, many people will turn to the internet to find home remedies for a quick cure. However, some of the ingredients prove ineffective against different circumstances when utilized. We at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to share the common ingredients so you know how they work so you can use them more efficiently.

DIY Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Water: Water is an ideal solution, especially dampening areas with club soda or seltzer water. The concern with water is that people use it in excess, leading to the possibility of mold growth and water damage to the subfloor, carpet padding, and carpet. Use minimum water and a dry towel in between applications to manage the liquids.
Dish Soap: Grease and grime created from cooking is what dish soap is made to cut through and then it is supposed to be rinsed away. When using the mild soap in DIY formulas, people rarely rinse the area free from the soapy residue and frequently use too much soap on their concoction. Leaving behind the residue, especially too much will not only be a challenge to remove, but it will collect dirt and debris, manifesting a brown spot shortly after use. If you use it, do so sparingly and always ensure it is completely wiped clean afterwards.
Ammonia: Often misused, ammonia can be an effective chemical to remove tough stains as a last resort, but it comes with risks. It is a high alkaline chemical that can be harmful to breathe around and possibly cause damage on carpets. In the event you opt to use it, do so with caution and only use in small doses.
Hairspray: Hairspray is commonly recommended to remove ink and other related stains from carpet. What is actually aiding in the ink removal is the rubbing alcohol. Hairspray is a stick substance designed to hold hair together, and though in a pinch it might help get fresh ink out, the sticky product’s film will magnetize dirt and contaminates that will damage carpets and cause the brown spot to form. If you use hairspray, always follow up with a damp cloth to remove all the hairspray residue.
Vinegar: Vinegar is among the top ingredients to treat carpet spills, spots and stains, whether you use it concentrated, diluted or in other solutions. It is often proved ineffective against stains because vinegar is actually a natural disinfectant, it kills the majority of the germs and will destroy many odors but proves to remove little to none of the spots and stains. Additionally, some recommend mixing the vinegar with baking soda, which will create a peracetic acid reaction, resulting in skin irritation and problems breathing.
Where no one reaches for the vacuum to treat spills and spots, at least they shouldn’t, vacuuming regularly is encouraged because when you do have to tend to them, carpets without dirt and debris ideal, otherwise you can create a bigger mess.

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