How to Clean & Get Strawberry Jam or Other Jelly Stains Out of Carpet in Van Nuys, CA

Jams and jellies are a classic favorite among many people, young and old. Pairing it with other ingredients or just on its own, sandwiches, toast, bagels, and other such applications are a common. Because it is so common, it is highly likely that the jam/jelly concoctions will end up a smeared or glop stain on your carpet. As this sticky substance blemishes the carpets and creates unsightly stains, it also collects its share of dirt and debris and can be difficult to remove if not removed promptly. To offer some aid in removing this jam/jelly stain, we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to list an approach to tend to the stain.

Stain Removal Tips to Get Jam or Jelly Spills Out of Carpet

1) Treat the spot as quickly as possible. Like anything that can result in potential stains on your carpet, the sooner you tend to it, the more success you will have at removing it and the easier it will be. Grab a few paper towels (depending on the volume) and a blunt edge tool, such as a spatula, spoon, or butter knife. To not push the jam/jelly deeper into the carpet or spread it out, carefully scrape the surface to remove the bulk and wipe off on the paper towels, repeat until the blobs are gone.
2) Some quick notes. Before you start the procedure to remove the jelly residue apply the following notes. Always pat and blot, never scrub or rub the spot. Do not use hot water; it could set in the stain. Always perform a patch test whether you use carpet cleaners or DIY solution in an inconspicuous area to make sure your carpet doesn’t react poorly. Use white paper towels, towels, and cloths to avoid transferring print and dye onto the carpet.
3) Use either a damp cloth, or lightly mist with a squirt bottle the jam/jelly residue area. Do not over saturate; you just want it lightly moistened.
4) Combine 2 liter of cool water with ¼ tsp liquid dish soap in a pale or squirt bottle.
5) Apply the solution on a cloth or sponge and blot out the jelly residue. Be sure to work the outer perimeter of the stain first and then work your way towards the center. For better containment, place the treated cloth over the spot and use a spoon to dab up stain.
6) In between application, blot with paper towels the excess moisture to prevent over saturation and potential water damage. Repeat until the stain is dissolved.
7) To rinse the solution remnants, use a damp cloth from cool water and blot.
8) Dry the area as best you can using a dry towel.
9) Once the carpet is fully dry, vacuum to relax the fibers.

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If you find the jam or jelly stain a challenge to remove, call in the experts of Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning. In addition to extracting the stains, our experts will remove the deeply rooted dirt and debris and neutralize any lingering odors with the use of our top-quality products and specialized equipment.

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