How to Clean & Remove Old Rust Stains from Your Carpet in Studio City, CA

There are some stains that are extremely common such as juice, coffee, food and other everyday items that can be spilled. There are other stains that are not quite as common and when you find them on your carpets it can be difficult to know what method to use to clean them. Rust is one of those stains that can be hard to treat. Rust is never good and it usually comes from a metal object that has been exposed to the elements. You might wonder how this could occur in your home and on the carpet but it can. There are pieces of furniture that are made from metal such as shelves and even cupboards. There are also pots for plants that will have a metal base or stand. If you have these items on your carpet and they are near a window the elements could cause rusting. Watering the plants may be enough to cause a plant rack to rust and that can leave a stain on the carpet. You need to know the best method to clean the rust off the carpet so you don’t cause the stain to get worse.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps to Clean an Old Rust Stain from Your Carpet

Remove the Source of the Rust Stain: If you start to notice there are rust spots on your carpet the very first step is to get the source off the carpet. This can be a shelf, pot, or other household item. The metal object needs to be taken out and repaired so that when you replace it in the house it will not continue to cause damage to your carpets.
Scrape Rust Off Carpet: The next step you need to take is to try and release as much of the rust as you can. The best way to do that is to use a spoon and push along the fibers to loosen the rust that has been deposited on the carpet. You want to work in small areas and try to be careful so you don’t cause damage to the fibers. As the pieces are being broken up and picked off the carpet you should follow up with a vacuum to pick up what you can to avoid spreading it further.
Clean the Carpet Rust Stain: There are two main ways to treat the rust that is left on the carpet. First you can use a sponge that you put dish soap on. Use the sponge to soak the area with the soap and allow the cleaner to sit for about five minutes. Then follow up with a clean cloth to blot the area to remove the rust. The other method that you can try is lemon juice and salt that should be spread on the area. Allow that to sit on the carpet for a minute then apply warm water to the area. Dab at the area after you start to see the rust disappear. You may want to reapply the process if the stain is not completely gone.

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