How to Clean & Remove Water & Oil Based Paint Spills & Stains from Carpet in Reseda, CA

When you take on a new project in your home that has to do with paint there is always a chance that paint can be dripped on the carpet. Paint can be a major mess and when it gets on your carpet and other textiles it can be quite hard to remove. The best thing you can do is to get to the stain as soon as you possibly can while the paint is still wet. You can’t just run over and start rubbing the paint drip or you can make the problem much worse. You need to use a method that is best for the type of paint that you are using. If you don’t there is a chance that you can make the stain larger or even help to set the stain making it near impossible to remove it from your carpet. Learning what you can do to clean the stain before you start the project is the best way and helps ensure you have the products handy in case you need them. Now you need to know that the cleaning process will be different depending on the type of paint you are trying to clean.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Explains How to Clean Different Types of Paint Spills on Your Carpet

Removing Water Based Paint from Carpet: There is a chance that when you are painting a room in your home that paint can splatter on the carpet. If this happens you need to be sure that you get to the spot as soon as you possibly can. The most important part of the cleaning process is that you need to be careful about how much water is being used. If you use too much water the paint will spread out very fast. You need to have a clean cloth or paper towels on hand as well as warm water and a small amount of dish soap. Start by using a small amount of water on the spot and dab at the stain with the cloth. You may need to add the dish soap to the water and repeat as necessary. Working a little bit at a time is the best method.
How to Remove Oil Based Paint from Carpet: When you are using an oil based paint you need to use a different cleaning method. This type of paint is also used often when painting walls in your home. The difference is that it will leave a stain much easier than a water based paint. Just like all other stains you need to move as quick as you can. The first step is to remove what excess that you can. Then have the products that you will be using that will include clean cloths, paper towels and turpentine. If you have an oil based paint stain you will need to use the turpentine to the area and allow it to sit for about two minutes. Then use the paper towel to dab the stain away. It is important that you repeat the process several times to remove the entire stain.

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