How to Get Rid of Recurring Carpet Wicking Stains That Keep Coming Back in Van Nuys, CA

Carpet stains can often present a challenge to homeowners. Finding the right combination of household products in proper proportions to dissolve the ugly blemish or using the right quality of department store cleaner that doesn’t leave behind a funky chemical odor and is adequately effective is a feat in of itself. But after reining victorious and defeating the unholy spot on your carpets, the filthy defiant stain reappears within a few hours to a few days to mock your efforts. These stains are a phenomenon that can be explained, and we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to talk about the reappearing stain.

Carpet Wicking Definition

When the stain reappears, it is known in the industry as what is called carpet wicking. What is happening is liquid that has penetrated deep into your carpets after the stain causing agent has made contact with your carpets, soaking through past the the carpet backing and absorbing into the carpet pad. When treating the stain, one concentrates on removing the surface spot, not realizing excessive moisture has built up just below the carpet line where it is out of sight. Because the fluid is still there, it will back track to the surface after walking on where the fluid was trapped in the carpet backing and carpet pad where it then resurfaces to the top side, spotting up the area. To give you an idea of what is going on, recall an oil lamp where the bottom of the wick is consistently submerged in the oil, causing the oil to rise up to the wick that isn’t soaked allowing it to continually burn; the same effect is taking place on the carpet.

How to Remove Recurring Carpet Stains

There are a few things you can do to obliterate the reappearing stain. Follow these steps below to effectively remove the phantom spot.
1) Use the minimal amount of water possible when treating spots or stains. Absorb as much of the moisture as possible by blotting with a dry towel or paper towels and maximum pressure. Be sure to only apply mists of your choice of carpet cleaner and continue to blot the moisture before reapplying additional cleaner. Contain the moisture and repeat as necessary to avoid over saturation.
2) Tend to spills as quickly as possible; do not let them linger in an effort to prevent the fluid from penetrating deep into the carpet backing and carpet pad.
3) Place an old towel over the spot, and weigh it down with a heavy object for several hours or even overnight following the treatment of the stain in order to help pull up the moisture into the towel instead of allowing it to rest on the carpet surface.
4) You need professional assistance as there is a deeper problem or if the stain is large and still continues to manifest. Professionals utilize powerful extracting equipment and can remove the deep rooted stains and any lingering moisture that might be pooling on the subfloor.

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When you experience a stain that continues to reappear no matter how thorough your attempts are, contact the specialists of Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning and let us effectively remove that stubborn spot.

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