Muddy Footprints on Carpet in Reseda, CA? How to Get Ground in Dirt, Soil & Mud Out

Your carpets are an important part of the homes décor and most people want to do what they can to keep them clean! That seems to be a battle that is never ending! The amount of spills and spots that you are bound to find on your carpets can range from gum to kool aid. These are all daily occurrences that you may come across and have to deal with. Cleaning particular stains takes a unique set of steps in order to clean them instead of making them worse. When the weather changes from the hot summer months to the cold of winter there are some changes that occur. The grass will start to diminish and then the rain and snow comes! That makes the perfect moment for mud! When mud is brought in the house it can be on shoes or even your four legged family members! Everything you know about cleaning stains should be thrown out the window when dealing with mud.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Outlines Steps to Treat Mud Stains on Your Carpets or Rugs

Wait for the Mud to Dry on Carpet: This can be hard for someone that hates to have messes on their carpet. It might also be hard because most of the time you are told to get working on the stain before it even hits the carpet! When it comes to mud on the carpet the very best thing that you can do is to wait. You want to allow the mud that has been tracked in your home time to dry out. The moisture in the mud makes it hard to clean up. When the mud has dried and the moisture is gone all that is left is the dirt. This makes the cleaning much easier and stops the mess from getting bigger.
Vacuum Up The Dirt: The mud after it has had time to dry will turn into dirt. Not just any dirt but it will still be compacted and usually in large pieces that have potentially attached to the carpet fibers. You want to be sure that you slowly and carefully break up the dirt packs and vacuum up the dirt as you go. You may need to do this with a credit card, spoon or the attachment to the vacuum. You want to break apart the dirt carefully so that you are not damaging the fibers. The vacuum is the best way to remove the excess dirt so that it is not able to spread out of the rest of the carpet.
Spot Clean Stained Area of Carpet: Lastly you want to ensure that you take some time to clean any discoloration that remains. This can be done with a simple cleaner made up of water and detergent that you can spritz the area. Then you can use a clean rag to dab at the area to clean the discoloration as well as the moisture from the cleaning solution.

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