Popular Hardwood Floor Color Trends; Best Type of Wood for Floors in Winnetka, CA

When you are looking to increase the beauty of your home, a hardwood floor can definitely do it. Flooring options go from carpeting to tile to hardwood floors to name the most common. Hardwood floors are a great option that you can use in your kitchen, bathroom, entry or any other room in your home. If you want to add a level comfort to your hardwood you can always add a throw rug or an area rug. Hardwood floors are an elegant option that never goes out of style. When you have decided that hardwood floors are right for you there are still some decisions that need to be made. You want to start by choosing the actual floor. The options are endless so knowing some of the best options can help to eliminate your choices.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Outlines Some of the Options When Choosing Hardwood Floors

Dark Stained Hardwood Floors: One of the design facts that you want to look into is the color of the finish. The hardwood is a natural wood that is shaped and colored to be installed in your home. The color comes in a huge variety but one of the hottest trends is to use a dark stain wood. The dark stain makes a statement in a home and shows off elegance and modern design appeal. Dark stain does not always mean black but it can still have brown to red tones as well. You need to be careful when you choose a dark stain it can often make a room seem smaller. You want to ensure that you have windows and good lighting when you choose this option.
Light Stained Hardwood Floor: If you want a color that is a little crisper and opens up a room then a blonde color or natural color stain may be best for you. This light color is often found when choosing a bamboo floor or other natural woods. If you have a room or a home that is a bit smaller this will help to open the space up and add light to it. It is easier to keep clean and tends to show less dust particles than a darker floor might.
Grey (Gray) Hardwood Floors: One of the newer trends that it taking over the hardwood floor arena is grey stain. You can use a grey that is more neutral and light or a darker grey that has a more distressed look. The great thing is that the grey floors go with lots of different d├ęcor options. If you want to have a fun look to your home or rooms in your house grey is a great way to bring it all together. You can add splashed of dark and elegant colors or you can use whites to increase the brightness of the room.

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If you want to have hardwood floors installed in your home it is best to meet with a professional. We can walk you through the different options in color, size, shape and installation process. Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning offers many hardwood floor services ranging from installation to cleaning to refinishing. Contact us today!

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