Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean for Another School Year in Reseda, CA; No Shoes Rule & More

Parents everywhere are doing the last-minute scramble to ensure their children have all they need for the coming school year. In the coming days, we will once again be on a school schedule routine and busy for yet another year of academics. After things are settled down, this would be a great time for your bi-annual carpet steam cleaning!

Health & Other Benefits of Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

After months of extra wear and tear on your carpets with the kids running in and out, anonymous floor stains and extra summer time guests, your floors could use a little TLC. Steam cleaning your carpets twice a year is recommended by many carpet manufacturers to get the most out of your carpets. Steam cleaning removes 99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, pollen, pet and human dander and dust that cause allergies and other illnesses. Keep your kids healthy this school year and get those carpets steamed! After your floors have been disinfected and cleaned, Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to share some helpful tips to keep your carpets looking newer, longer!

Wait Until Carpets are Fully Dry Before Walking on Them

By allowing your carpets to dry fully first before you enter the room, you are ensuring you’re not introducing new stains to the carpeted area. We know how hard it is to keep kids off the floor, it’s almost impossible! With the kiddos going to school this will help you tremendously, if you schedule your cleaning for the morning, they’ll be ready to go by the time the kids are out of school!

No Food, Drink or Shoes on Carpet Rule

This is another tough one. Food and drinks falling off the table or being spilled while in transit are common stains we find! By attempting to keep the kiddos in the kitchen with their food, you can keep your floors cleaner longer! Kids bring home all kinds of goodies on the bottoms of their shoes. Playgrounds and cafeterias tend to get their fair share of gunk on the ground and our kids inevitably pick it up while they play. By asking our kids to take their shoes off when they come inside, we can eliminate the heavy traffic stains that are unsightly and spread easily. Traffic stains are some of the hardest to remove and tend to show up rather quickly. A simple way to get kids excited about taking their shoes off is to keep a little basket by the door with fun, comfy socks or fuzzy house slippers that they can put on to walk around the house in when they get home.

Designate a Place Off of Carpet for Backpacks & Lunch Pails

Set up a spot for the kiddos to hang their backpacks and lunch pails when they come in the door. Backpacks see their fair share of grime throughout the day too. If they are left on or thrown onto the floors everyday the dirt and grime on the bottoms of them can transfer to the carpets and make stains. By hanging them up, you will see a noticeable difference on your floors. You can also wipe down their backpacks with a damp cloth and some dish soap from time to time to keep them clean. We can’t forget the lunch pails. Leftover food or drinks can topple over and spill out which is another source of stains for mom to clean-up. Either hang them next to the back packs or put them in the kitchen to be washed out.

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Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning wishes all a great school year! Give us a call to schedule your deep steam carpet cleaning and other services.

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