Tips to Keep Carpets Clean Longer in Lake Balboa, CA; Wear Socks on Carpet & More

Professional carpet cleaning one to two times a year is recommended by carpet manufacturers to preserve a healthy, long lasting and optimal condition carpeting in conjunction with your care, spot cleaning and vacuuming routine. People with indoor pets, those that live in dusty climates, those with chronic allergies and asthma, and excessive foot traffic typically need professional cleaning more often. Professional cleaning extracts the deep rooted dirt and debris, as well as the allergens, pollutants, and contaminant residues that settle on the carpets, as well as dissolve stains and neutralize odors.

How to Keep Deep Cleaned Carpet Clean!

After investing in a professional cleaning, however, most homeowners want to preserve the deep and fresh clean as long as possible, which why we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning have listed some advice and a few tips to help you achieve your goal.
1) Let the carpets fully dry before walking on them. It is crucial that you wait until the carpets are completely dry before you let normal foot traffic to resume after a professional carpet cleaning service. Typically, the technician will give you an estimated time frame, but it depends on current weather, climate conditions, and other factors. Following a service, the carpets are often left somewhat damp even though a major part of the process of cleaning is to extract the water used during the service.
2) Wear socks or indoor slippers when walking on carpets. Shoes are usually a reasonable understanding for avoiding them on freshly cleaned carpets as they can track in all sorts of filth. However, walking on carpets with bare feet should equally be avoidable. The skin creates natural oils that leave oily residues on the carpets that attract dirt deposits. Stick to wearing exclusive indoor slippers or socks on the carpets.
3) Immediately tend to any spills on carpet as well as stains. To prevent stains, promptly clean up any accidental spills. Stains can evolve the longer substances linger and the harder they will be to remove. Providing you find a stain, treat it as soon as possible. To absorb the spills, be sure to use blotting and patting techniques as you treat the accidents. The carpet fibers will only soak up the substances with rubbing and scrubbing methods, so they are better avoided. Try treating the spills with just plain water first, before using chemical agents, and never use hot water. To prevent transferring dyes and prints, only use paper towels, cloths, and towels that are white. In the event you need something tougher than water to treat a spot, always perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure the color or fibers are not compromised, whether you chose to use a commercial product or a DIY solution.
4) Regularly vacuum carpets. Especially after a professional cleaning, be sure to routinely vacuum the carpets, whether your carpets look like they could use vacuuming or not. Vacuuming removes the dirt and debris you may not be able to see in addition to contaminates, pollutants, and allergens. You cannot vacuum too much, even if you vacuum 2-3 times a day, and vacuum daily is optimal.

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