Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Codes in Tarzana, CA; Best Cleaner for Microfiber Couches & More

When it comes time to clean your upholstery, it’s important to know how to properly clean it or you could ruin it forever. Most upholstery will have a cleaning label on it somewhere, but usually located in the back or underneath the furniture. However reading cleaning labels may sometimes feel like reading another language. There are various cleaning codes with the intent to guide you in using the proper cleaning methods. When it comes down to it, most people have no idea what W, S, W/S or X means. This is why today Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning will share how to understand upholstery cleaning codes.

Fabric Grade Cleaning Code Symbols & Chart

Depending on the type of upholstery or furniture you have, you’ll find they all use various fabrics with different blends of material. Depending on the material’s blend will determine how you’re supposed to clean it. Manufacturers created a code system to help the owner know how to clean the upholstery correctly. Here is how each code breaks down and what the best cleaning methods for the fabric type is.
Upholstery Code “W” – If the label on the upholstery shows a “W” this is one of the easiest fabric types to clean. The best cleaning method for “W” is to use straight water. Using an upholstery attachment, use warm water to remove stains and spills from “W” fabrics. You will find “W” codes on many dining room chairs, living room couches and sofas. “W” is one of the most durable types of fabric.
Upholstery Code “S” – When you see an “S” know that this type of fabric requires a solvent based cleaning or dry cleaning. It’s important not to use any other cleaning method or you could ruin the upholstery. For spot cleaning, it’s recommended you keep dry cleaning foam based cleaner on hand. It’s also recommended that you use a fan or blow drier after cleaning “S” fabrics. Fabrics that are considered an “S” type are extremely sensitive and if it requires a deep cleaning then avoid DIY cleaning. If your upholstery is labeled with an “S” and needs extensive cleaning, use a professional. As stains or spills occur they need to be cleaned immediately.
Upholstery Code “S/W” – As you can most likely guess “S/W” means you can use both solvents and water base cleaners. However “S/W” fabrics are another sensitive material and require stain to be cleaned quickly. Additionally, it is recommended you have a professional do deep cleaning for “S/W” upholstery.
Upholstery Code “X” – “X” coded upholstery isn’t used very often and is kind of rare to be used by manufacturers. This fabric is mostly used for fabric blinds or shades. This fabric can’t be cleaned. They can only be vacuumed. This is why it’s not used for upholstery anymore. However if you have the unfortunate luck to have upholstery with an “X” code, you only can vacuum it. Do not use moisture on this type of fabric. It is recommended to buy new furniture.

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Some additional upholstery cleaning tips is to never use tap water. The minerals in tap water can leave white ring stains. Always test your cleaner in a discreet area of the furniture to make sure the upholstery isn’t affected and becomes discolored. When cleaning sensitive upholstery, contact Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning. We provide many services including sofa cleaning. Contact us today.

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