Benefits of Vacuuming Carpet Everyday & Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance in Sherman Oaks, CA

Most people don’t enjoy vacuuming but it’s an important part of keeping your carpet looking clean and beautiful. Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning has compiled a list of vacuuming benefits and tips for how to keep your vacuum cleaner in optimal condition to help you reach the most of these benefits!

Benefits of Vacuuming Daily

• When you vacuum, you prevent dirt from building up on your carpet that will grind into it and wear it out
• You can avoid health problems like asthmas and allergies by keeping carpet clean
• Regular vacuuming will prevent dirt and dust mites from building up
• Regular vacuuming is even more important if you have pets running around to reduce hair and dander
• Carpet that is vacuumed regularly will last longer and you won’t need to replace it sooner than you’d like
Just like any other piece of equipment, your vacuum cleaner needs to be maintained so it will work properly and efficiently.

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Checklist

1. Be careful what you vacuum– Don’t use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum just anything. Use a broom and dust pan to clean up the bulk of the dirt and debris before you use the vacuum cleaner. Only use a wet/dry canister cleaner to pick up damp or wet items and don’t ever use a vacuum cleaner to pick up liquids that have been spilled.
2. Use correct vacuum settings– Vacuum cleaners have height settings for different kinds of carpet. If the height is set to high it won’t work properly, too low and you run the risk of extra pressure on the motor and brush roller. Make sure you also use the right accessories for specific jobs.
3. Check the vacuum filters– If your vacuum cleaner has a filter that can be cleaned then clean it regularly, if it’s a filter that can be replaced, then you’ll need to do it when it gets dirty because dirty filters make your vacuum cleaner less efficient.
4. Empty vacuum canisters– Get in the habit of emptying the canister each time you use your vacuum cleaner. Doing so will ensure you vacuum cleaning has maximum power and bags that get too full can cause the motor to overheat.
5. Replace vacuum bags– Paper vacuum bags won’t last forever. Don’t wait too long to replace them. Once the start to feel soft they are letting grit get through them, so replace them when they are still sound.
6. Check for dirt buildup regularly– Inspect your vacuum cleaner regularly to look for dirt buildup. Remove any dirt that has built up and remove hair and other fibers that can get wound around the roller bearings.
7. Inspect the vacuum tube– Check the vacuum tube for any damage. If you notice an area that is worn out you can fix it instead of replacing the tube. Check for any blockages that might have not made it all the way through and don’t use the tube to pull the vacuum around.
8. Examine the power cord– The power cord on your vacuum cleaner takes a lot of abuse. It’s important to check it for time to time to make sure the outside insulation isn’t damaged.

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