Hardwood Floor Protection Products & Tips in Valley Village, CA; Clean Floors Often & More

Hardwood is becoming more and more popular among flooring choices. It is a classic look that adds an organic beauty to your space. These beautiful floors come at a cost though and you want to do anything you can to protect them for any damage. Luckily, there are many small things you can do to make sure your hardwood floors are protected from potential damage. Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning is here to share some tips to help you keep your hardwood flooring as beautiful as the day it was installed in your home.

Clean Hardwood Floors Regularly

Even the finest dust can cause small scratches to your hardwood flooring. Even if you can’t see the scratches well, they work to dull and damage your flooring. To avoid this, you should sweep your floors often. Along those same lines, you should clean up any spills right away. When any liquid sits on the top of your hardwood flooring, it will gradually seep into the wood and cause warping and damage.

Vacuum Hardwood Floors Without Scratching

Many vacuums can be used on hardwood floors. You need to be sure you are using the right attachment though. There are also vacuums that are made specifically for hard flooring surfaces. You want to avoid using the beater bar on your hardwood. This is often too aggressive and could cause scratching.

What to Use to Clean Hardwood Floors

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make with hardwood flooring is in the cleaning process. Using a mop will leave too much moisture on the top of your hardwood and cause water damage to your floors. If you need to clean up a mess, using nothing more than a damp rag to do it. You should also avoid using any acidic cleaners on your flooring like ammonia and vinegar to avoid damage. To play it safe, contact your flooring manufacturer to ensure you are using a cleaner that is safe for your flooring.

Wear Socks or Slippers on Hardwood Floors

The shoes you wear track all sorts of dirt and debris into your home that can cause damage to your hardwood flooring. Some shoes, like heels, can cause scratching to your floors as well. To avoid this, check your shoes at the door and don’t wear them throughout your home.

Use Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors

The right area rugs can compliment your hardwood flooring and increase their beauty. Not only are these rugs used to add to the décor, but they will go a long way in protecting your hardwood. These are especially helpful in high traffic areas that see a lot of foot traffic. You won’t be sorry you purchased rugs for your hardwood flooring when you see the protection they offer.

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