Best Carpet Cleaning Methods & Stain Remover Techniques in Lake Balboa, CA

For people particularly protective of their carpet, spots and stains can be a tedious chore to remedy. There are some techniques that can effectively remove the spots and stains when it comes to treating these blemishes, and other techniques that can create a bigger issue than the initial spill; like harder to remove or other damage. To help you keep your carpets in great condition, we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to share which techniques and methods should be used while treating carpet spots and stains as well as the alternatives that should be avoided.

Best Ways to Clean Carpets & Remove Stains

1) Grating, scraping & scooping carpet spills. Gummy substances, hard substances, or if semi-solid or solid spills and other such instances occur, you need scoop, scrape, or grate them off the carpet’s surface. It is important you use a dull edge, for example a spatula, spoon, or butter knife when you are called to scrape the excess off the carpet. The idea is not to cut into any of the carpet’s fibers, but to simply remove the bulk or sticky/gummy substance from the carpet. Ensure you are using the right angles and mild pressure as you do not want to spread the mess out further or push it deeper into the carpet.
2) Sop up liquid on carpet. The excess moisture will need to be sopped up first for spills that have a lot of liquid substance to it. Mold growth can be promoted on carpets that are too wet from liquidity spills along with other damage. Before adding more liquid by applying a cleaner, the excess moisture needs to be removed and blotted with pressure to sop up as much liquid as possible using a towel, paper towel, or cloth. Most stains are better treated under damp conditions, but it is important to avoid pooled or excessively wet carpet. Also, if you own a carpet cleaner machine, or wet/dry vac, extracting the moisture is the best approach.
3) Patting and blotting carpet stains. The technique you need to clean the carpet spills is blotting. Scrubbing and rubbing the carpets will only spread the mess out wider and push it deeper in the carpets. Blotting the spot or stain, starting on the outer perimeter and working towards the center will help keep it from spreading. When sopping the liquid spills, or treating the carpets with a cleaner, blotting is the ultimate technique to avoid making the blemish worse and to effectively remove spots and stains.
4) Carpet cleaners. Where others prefer commercial cleaners, some prefer DIY remedies. In any case, a patch test is a very important aspect in the technique. The fibers can be damaged, carpet fibers can be discolored or faded as well because the chemical can react poorly to the dye or the type of material. A patch test should always perform even if it is a trusted product because you never know when it has been reformulated or if you are unsure what carpets derive from. In a small, inconspicuous location apply which ever carpet cleaning solution you intend to use to evaluate the reaction.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Northridge & Greater Los Angeles, California

Treating spots and stains can be more challenging then people suppose. To ensure the stains and spots are efficiently removed from your Greater Los Angeles, California home or business, call Eco Carpet Cleaning today!

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