How to Remove Old Stains from Carpet in Studio City, CA; Effects of Different Stain Removers

You want to be able to keep your house clean and neat so that you have a good environment to relax and unwind after a long day. There are several areas of the house that if they are a mess it can make a big impact on the house. The carpet is one of those areas. The carpet that is in your house is usually over a large area and even if you are careful there will be times that you will be dealing will spills and stains. The carpets are a great flooring option and overall are easy to care for. If you vacuum on a regular basis and use some precautions to prevent staining, your carpets should look good. That does not mean that you will not over time have some spills and stains. Not all stains are created equal and it is a good idea to know what to do to clean them. There are categories of stains that you can use similar cleaning methods to treat.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Lists Different Categories of Stains & How Best to Treat

Wax & Oil Spills on Carpet: Have you ever left a candle burning for several hours and forget all about it? The wax that is being heated will become a liquid and when you go to blow it out it can potentially splash out. The hot wax can land on the carpet and when it dries, which happens quickly, it can be stuck to the fibers. When it comes to oils they can come from tools, bikes, cars and even foods that are greasy. You want to know the best way to clean these types of stains which is very different than many other stains. You want to use heat to remove stains in this category. Heat up your clothes iron and use a brown paper sack. You can lay the sack over the stain and use the heated up iron on the spot. This will pull the stain off the carpet and into the brown bag.
Water Soluble Carpet Stains: There are some stains that are quite common and the best type of stain happens to be water soluble if you had to choose one. The stains that are in this category such as soda, many foods including gravy but can also be harder stains such as chocolate and berries. The great thing is that these stains can be broken down with a water based solution. You can start with water that is mixed with dish soap. You can allow the solution to sit on the spot before you use a clean cloth to dab at the area. This will often remove the stain and leave your carpet looking clean.
Sticky Gum on Carpet: The next category of stain happens to be gum or even candy that is chewy and sticky. After gum is on the carpet you might panic and start to pull at it. The problem is that you want to let the gum or candy sit until you have a bag of ice. The ice will freeze the gum so that it can be chipped and broken off the carpet. You may have to re-freeze the gum to continue to work. You also want to make sure that you are picking up the pieces so they don’t stick again to the carpet.

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