Best Ways to Deep Clean Ceramic Tile & Grout Floors in Reseda, CA; Stain Removal Tips & More

There are many types of flooring that is being used in homes for different reasons. Some people prefer to have more carpet in their home for the comfort and warmth that it brings to a house. Some people love the look and feel of a hardwood floor while others want to have tile. Tile is something that has many types of styles you can choose from. If you want a tile that needs a little more specialized care you can have a natural stone tile. This can be granite, travertine or marble to just name a few. A more economic and easy to come by tile is ceramic tile. The ceramic tile is manmade and can be found in endless colors, sizes and textures. You can find just what you want and you know that it will be uniform and perfect for your home. When it comes to flooring it is a great idea to know how to clean it and what method best for your particular flooring. Ceramic Tile is a great option that is usually very sturdy and easy to care for but you still need the right method.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips for Cleaning Your Ceramic Tile & Grout Floors

Clean Up Tile & Grout Dirt & Spills Before they Cause Damage & Stain: When it comes to messes on the tile floors spills are a problem. People will move fast when there is a spill that occurs on the carpet because they know that the spill will end up a huge stain if you wait too long. The same goes for spills that occur on your tile floors as well. The spill can start to stain the tile and more likely it will stain the grout as well. The longer you allow the spill to sit on the tile the more it will stain. The other problem is that there are some spills that are acidic and this can lead to damage. The other part of dirty tile is just from everyday use. The tile is being walked on with dirty shoes and people are setting their bags there too. The dirt will be left behind and that will slowly make a mess on your tile floors.
Vacuum Or Sweep Tile to Remove Dirt: You need to find a method to clean dirt off your tile floors that will work for you. The first way to do that is to get out your vacuum as long as it has a setting for hard surfaces. This means that the roller will not move but the suction will still pull the debris off the floor. If you don’t have a vacuum that will work you can use a broom. You want to sweep up as much as you can from the floor before you start the cleaning.
Mop Tile With a Vinegar Solution: Lastly you can make your own cleaning solution that you will use to mop the floor. Get a bucket that you can fit your mop in and add one gallon of warm water. You then want to stir in one cup of vinegar. This will act as a cleaner and leave the floor streak free. You can mop the area of tile as long as you are rinsing off the water as it becomes dirty.

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