How to Clean & Get Colored Easter Egg Dye Stains Off Your Carpets in Los Angeles, CA

The spring means a lot of things. It means you can swap out your jacket for some shorts and instead of cozying up by the fire an outdoor BBQ is the way to go. The weather is a much needed change for most people. It also means that the spring time activities will begin. The first main holiday in the spring is Easter. Kids look forward to Easter all year because they know they get a basket full of yummy treats and of course the iconic dying of the Easter eggs. This is a tradition that have kids sit around with buckets of dye. They dip their hard boiled eggs in them and then leave them for the Easter Bunny. He then takes the dyed eggs and hides them for the kids to find. The problem is that this can be a real mess for parents. They dye that is being used will get all over the kids hands, cloths and even on your carpet! Dye on a carpet seems like a really bad mix but there is hope.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps You Can Take to Remove Easter Egg Dye From Your Carpets

Carpet Stain Prevention & Fast Cleanup: The first thing you need to do is to lay out a tarp on the ground before you start your egg dyeing station. This is an extra step that you should take time with to prevent the dye from dripping on the floor or carpet. If you happen to still get dye on the carpet you need to be prepared to work fast. The faster you get to the spill the better your chances are of getting it out before it stains.
Water & Soap Carpet Stain Removal Method: This is a method you can use to try and get the Easter egg dye out of your carpet. This is the method that is safest to use on your carpet because there are no harsh chemicals that might react with your carpet. To start this method you need to get a bottle of dish soap. Then you need to use the soap to cover the spot. Allow the soap to set on the spot for a few minutes. Then you want to use a white wash cloth that has been wetted and use it to dab at the stain. Rinse the wash cloth out and repeat the process again. Do not scrub the dye because it will only work to spread the stain out further. Be sure that you finish with cold water so that you do not set the stain.
Ammonia Carpet Stain Removal Method: The soap and water method will often work but if it does not you want to go a step further. This means that you need to use ammonia to treat the rest of the stain. Mix a teaspoon of an ammonia product with a cup of water. You can then soak the spot and dab the area with a clean cloth to remove the remaining dye.

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