Hardwood Floor Maintenance & Care Tips in Northridge, CA; Avoid Sunlight Damage & More

Getting an upgrade of hardwood flooring in your home is wonderful investment. It is a timeless class that continues to trend throughout time, adding sophistication and beauty in any application of the surrounding décor. However, there are some important things to know about the care and maintenance of your hardwood floors, and we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to share some of the basics.

Hardwood Floor Care Guide

1) Avoid Direct Sunlight on Hardwood Floors. Long term exposure to direct sunlight on your hardwood floors will dry them out, causing the color of the finish to fade as well as cracks, and gapping. Be sure the windows that permit direct sunlight are treated with UV window films, curtains, drapes, and/or blinds that can block out the damaging rays.
2) Protect Hardwood from Furniture. When furniture slides or drags, it will likely scratch the surface of your hardwood floors. Install felt strips on the bottom of your furniture’s legs for when they accidentally slip and slide. In the event any furnishings need to be relocated, be sure they are picked up and carried where they need to go.
3) Hardwood Cleaning Supplies. Hardwood flooring requires specific cleaning aids. Harsh, oil based chemicals and abrasive cleaners should never be used to clean the hardwood floors. Abrasive cleaners like scouring pads and metal scrubbers should never be used as well as they will cause damage. When you need to remove any spots or sticky residues, use a microfiber cloth damp with only water and immediately wipe up the moisture after you have treated the mess.
4) Hardwood Floor Cleaning. Daily cleaning is essential for the overall care, appearance, and longevity of your hardwood floors. Keep the dust and debris contained by using your preferred cleaning method; vacuuming, sweeping, or dust mopping. Leaving the debris will expedite the deterioration of the finish and contribute to damage.
Use Bare Floor Setting on Vacuum. If you prefer using the vacuum to extract the dirt, be sure it is set on the “bare floor” setting. The vacuum rotating brush will damage the floor otherwise. There are also hard surface floor vacuums that are ideal for the cleaning of your hardwood floors. Be sure to use the hose for the edges and corners.
Sweeping with Correct Broom: In the event you prefer sweeping, be sure the broom has soft bristles and they explode on the ends to effectively trap the dirt without damaging the floor.
Hardwood Floor Dust Mops. Dust mopping is the preferred method among most professionals as it efficiently removes the debris and is the gentlest method. It is important to have a quality mop; a 12”-18” cotton head and treated with a special dust application is ideal. Generally the treatment requires you to spray the mop head 12 to 24 hours before dust mopping, but always follow the label’s instructions.
Clean Up Spills on Hardwood. Whenever moisture substances make contact with the hardwood floor, they need to be cleaned and dried immediately. When moisture sits, even for a short time, the wood can warp and crack. Gaps can also result in wood floors that have been subject to moisture and the gaps can easily harbor mold. Any substance that even has the slightest moisture food, beverage, chemicals, etc) cannot stay on the floor long without consequence.

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