Carpet Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts in Northridge, CA ; Use Right Cleaners & Steam Clean, Don’t Use Hot Water or Ammonia!

When it comes to cleaning carpet there are proper methods that should be done for the best results. With carpet cleaning there are some things you shouldn’t do and those things you shouldn’t do. Following are some of the do’s and the don’ts of carpet cleaning. Eco Clean Air Ducts provides many services in carpet cleaning and with our vast experience we will share the proper cleaning methods with you.

Carpet Cleaning Do’s; Steam Clean, Use Right Cleaners, Vacuum First & More

Carpet cleaning has made some extreme headway these past few years and cleaning methods have greatly improved. You may hear the term shampooing carpet when actually that method more and more is being left in the past. Steam cleaning is the top and preferred method of carpet cleaning. However when you hear the term “steam cleaning,” many believe you use hot water when in fact you want to just use warm water. As you clean your carpets you will want to move in different directions in the same area. This method of cleaning releases more of the dirt trapped inside your carpets. Of course those of you who suffer from OCD and must have straight lines on your carpets, you can do that at the end of your carpet cleaning task. It’s important to know your carpet too. Make sure you use the proper cleaning solutions on your carpet. Read the label. Some will warn against lightening or discoloration of carpets. Always test a small area of your carpet with the cleaning solution first. If it does discolor your carpet, it won’t be noticeable. The two most common types of carpets are polyester and nylon. Each material reacts differently to each kind of cleaning solution or chemical. It helps to know what type of carpet you have. This is why you will want to know your carpet’s composition before you begin cleaning. Before you begin steam cleaning your carpets, it’s very important to spend a good time vacuuming your carpet first. Again, a good vacuuming technique is going in different directions in the same spot to release as much dirt as possible. If you don’t vacuum first or properly, you will just make your carpet worse by combining water with dirt which makes mud. Now you have a muddy mess instead of clean carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Don’ts; Don’t Use Hot Water, Ammonia or Bleach!

When it comes to steam cleaning your carpets you never want to use hot water. It doesn’t clean any better than warm water. In addition, hot water can shrink your carpet and even damage it. Polyester carpets are especially sensitive to hot water. Many look up home remedies or home made cleaning solutions. In some situations, these home remedies have their place, but don’t use straight dish soap, shampoo, or bleach on your carpets. You will want to find a good pre-treatment and carpet rinse when doing a full carpet cleaning. If those with pets that don’t always make it outside or to their litter box in time, never use anything with ammonia in it. Ammonia promotes more pet accidents on your carpets.

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Carpet cleaning can become rather complicated if you don’t truly know what you are doing. Therefore, it’s best to do a little homework first before you begin cleaning your carpets. You don’t want to damage or discolor your entire carpeted area and then be stuck replacing it. You can extend the life of your carpet with the proper care and maintenance. If you need assistance with your carpet cleaning contact Eco Clean Air Ducts to schedule an appointment.

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