Carpet Protector Tips in Los Angeles, CA; How to Protect Carpet from Stains in High Traffic Areas & More

The holidays are full of buzzing excitement; social functions, crafting, baking, coming to and fro and everything in between. Chances are you have already gotten your carpets cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized from the Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning experts. Keeping them looking stunning isn’t an easy feat with so much excitement. However, we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to list a few tips and ideas that can help keep your carpet looking their best through the rest of the holiday season.

How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas

1) Groom Pets. Your pet’s hair/fur is shedding all the time, and it is inevitable that it will settle on every service imaginable; upholstery, beds, and especially the carpets and clothing. To avoid the excessive accumulation of pet hair, get them a well deserved shampoo and cut to help minimize the volume.
2) Keep Crafts Away from Carpet. Many kids need an expressive outlet to help them control some of the excitement and a common love among the kids is to indulge in the Christmas crafting where the creativity is flowing during the thrill and anticipation of Christmas. Where you do not want to staunch their creativity or activities that keep them busy, it is a good idea to impose a designated area. The glitter glue, washable paints, markers, as well as icing and gingerbread house building, and other paraphernalia can be the cause of potential stains; keep the crafting on tile or linoleum floors, or even is wood is a better alternative. Even so, no matter where they do their work, immediately wipe up any spills.
3) Clean Wood Burning Fireplace. For those with a wood-burning fireplace, it is important that it is cleaned up after use. The ash, embers, and soot can otherwise mar your beautifully glowing carpets with the hurried back and forth.
4) No Shoes Inside. It might hard for some to impose the “no shoes” policy on carpets. But if you expect many visitors, or have parties, it will help prevent potential stains from the dirt, soil, and other debris on shoes from being tracked in. Encourage the homey and comfy atmosphere of no shoes or make it into an event for guests to show off their holiday socks.
5) Avoid Serving Red Wine, Juice & Drinks. Beverages are often served at holiday functions; red wines, eggnog, punches, hot chocolate, and so on. Instead of offering the red and other colored beverages, consider keeping it clear or white with the white champagnes and wines and other liquor as well as sparkling cider. Keep the dark color drinks out of the equation to avoid unsightly stains.
6) Clean Entry Mats. If your “welcome” mat has seen better days, either get it cleaned or replaced. A specifically designed mat for Christmas can ward off stain causing agents like mud, extra moisture, dirt, and debris long with other residues that shoes pickup. Keeping most of the remnants contained on the welcome mat can spare your cleaned carpets from muddy foot prints.

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If you haven’t had the chance to get your carpets cleaned for the holiday rush, call in the experts of Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning to get your carpets fresh and vibrant!

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