Common Bacteria, Germs, Dirt & More Can Be Removed in Your Northridge, CA with Professional Carpet Cleaning

It may be alarming to learn that your carpets can hold up to four times their weight in dirt and other debris. Carpets are prone to collecting dirt along with dust mites, pet urine and feces, pet hair, dust, dead skin cells, insect husks and feces, mold, bacteria and many types of allergens. These all cling onto the fibers of your carpets and can all cause problems for those that suffer from allergies. They can cause serious problems for people that are healthy otherwise. For this reason, it’s imperative that your carpets get cleaned on a regular basis. This means regular vacuuming, at least one to times a week, but they also need to be cleaned by professionals too because even if your carpets don’t look dirty, they are.

Germs & Bacteria Live in Your Carpet; Even if it Looks Clean!

• Many people, 9 out if 10 in fact, admit to spilling food on the floor and then eating it. When this happens on dirty carpet you’re putting that into your stomach. The five-second rule should not apply as bacteria can live up to four weeks in carpet. So, when you pick up food that has fallen on the floor, it will likely have bacteria on it when you put it in your mouth.
• Many people, 75% admit to walking in their homes with their shoes on. This means dirt is getting tracked onto it from outside. Added to that, the dirt is being grinded into your carpet and vacuuming alone will not be able to remove it.
• Many people, 7 out of 10, will try to hide stains in carpet by moving their furniture around so they don’t have to clean them. This is a mistake as stains will become permanent if they aren’t taken care of right away. Clean spills immediately or call professionals to do it for you.

Vacuuming Can Be Hard on Your Health

If you have respiratory problems than vacuuming can cause issues for your health. The vacuuming process can’t remove the dirt and bacteria that have been ground into the fibers of the carpet. Vacuum cleaners also blow air out of it as it cleans. This air of course is nor cleans because it’s blowing out the dust and dirt that you’ve just vacuumed up. Air that is blown out of a vacuum cleaner is one of the five dirtiest places in your home. The others are the kitchen trash can, dish sponges and rags, washing machines and toilets as they are flushed.

Clean Carpets Mean Healthier Kids & Pets

Your family is important and keeping your carpets clean will keep them healthy. Kids love to crawl and play on the carpet and will pick up lots of germs as they do so. This can make them sick. When it comes to pets, they are always shedding dander and fur that will stick to the carpet. They also like to play on the floor and will pick up germs the same way we do and cause illness. Professional carpet cleaning can ensure that your family stays healthy.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Northridge & Greater Los Angeles, California

Professional carpet cleaning not only gets your carpets clean by removing deep down dirt, bacteria and mites. It also removes stains and leaves it looking cleaner and brighter. Best of all it extends the life of your carpet which helps you keep money in your pocket. Contact Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning to schedule your next cleaning.

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