How to Deep Steam Clean & Disinfect Your Mattress to Remove Urine & Other Stains & Odors in North Hollywood, CA

One of the important elements in your home that needs cleaning, but is often overlooked, is the mattress. Cleaning the mattress itself every 2-3 months, beyond washing the bedding periodically, will contribute to better sleep, improved health, and extend the mattress’s longevity. In addition to your cleaning efforts, manufacturers recommend that owners invest in a professional cleaning 1-2 times a year. Between sweat, dead skin cells, dust, debris, and contaminates that accumulate on the mattress; getting your mattress professionally cleaned and routinely cared for is ideal. With that in mind, we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to offer a method for cleaning your mattress in between professional cleaning.

How to Deep Clean & Disinfect Urine & Other Stains & Odors from Your Mattress

1) Prepare Mattress for Vacuuming. According to the labels instructions, wash all the sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and comforters in the washing machine. While that is be cycled through, treat the mattress with the vacuum’s hose and upholstery attachment thoroughly. All of the debris settles over the entire mattress surface and especially settles in the seams and divots.
2) Deodorize Mattress. With the buildup of bodily fluids and debris collecting on your mattress, the mattress frequently develops a rather unique pungency that is reminiscent of a locker room. To neutralize the odors and to prevent odors from occurring, generously administer baking soda over the mattress’s entire surface and let it sit for about 30 minutes. To add a pleasant fragrance, sift together the baking soda and 5 to 10 drops of essential oil and then apply it to the mattress and wait. Meticulously vacuum up the remnants and keep in mind the baking soda is only to neutralize or prevent odors, not lift stains.
3) Mattress Stain Removal. To remove any stains, create a paste by sprinkling drops of water into a container of baking soda, once the paste is formed, add a few pinches of salt and gently work in the past onto the spots and let them sit for 30 minutes. Use a brush to loosen the crust and stains and vacuum the particles. With a damp cloth, blot any lingering residues. If stains persist, mix 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and 1 part mild liquid dishwashing soap and with a toothbrush, work the stain diligently after sponging the mixture on and letting sit for 5 minutes. With a damp cloth, wipe clean. If you opt to use a pre-made cleaner ensure it is formulized with enzymes to effectively the protein based stains that are common on mattresses. Never over saturate the mattress, if multiple applications is required be sure to use a dry cloth in between to contain the moisture.
4) Dry Mattress. If the weather permits, open the windows and use ceiling and portable fans to expedite the drying process. Wait until the mattress is fully dry before remaking the bed with clean bedding.
5) Mattress Rotation. If you are diligent with your cleaning every 3 months or so, be sure to rotate the mattress by flipping it over and rotating it counter-clockwise to increase the lifespan as you even out the wear.

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