Carpet Turned Yellow After Cleaning? How to Fix Carpet Discoloration Caused By Phenolic Yellowing in Northridge, CA

Have you ever decided to change up the look of your living room and decided it was time to change move a rug, couch or other piece of furniture. When you start to pick up the pieces you may notice markings on your carpet. The carpet can have spots from spills that were never cleaned properly, and also high traffic areas where people travel most often. It can also have marks from the heavy furniture that has left dents. The dents will need to be treated so that they aren’t still there when you rearrange the room. When you rearrange and the carpets have markings around, the old set up the carpet can make the room look messy. One way to keep that from happening is to make sure that you have your carpets cleaned properly. This can keep the look of the carpet even and clean across the board. These are not the only problems when you rearrange your carpets. There is a term that is called Phenolic Yellowing and can be a real problem when you want to make a change to your room.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Explains Why Phenolic Yellowing Occurs & What You Can Do To Prevent It

What is Carpet Yellowing: When you move the furniture in your home and notice discoloration in the carpet it can come from two different sources. The first one is not really a problem and is really just that you are seeing the actual original color of the carpet. It was well preserved under the rug or furniture that there isn’t any dirt or high traffic areas on it. You can reverse this by having the carpets cleaned professionally. The other affect that you might see is called phenolic yellowing. This is basically a reaction that your carpet has all the time if it has butylhydroxyltoluene or BHT in the carpet, padding or glue. The BHT is fine as long as it has a way to air out. When it sits naturally in your home the BHT goes in the air and does not pose any problem or risk to the carpet. When you smother the carpet with a large couch, piano or rug the BHT has nowhere to go. That means that the BHT stays close to the carpet and will cause a yellowing to occur. When you go to move a large item or rug and you see this your carpet is off gassing. It can also happen from the rug too. If you see this yellowing happen and you don’t have BHT you need to check the rug for the chemical too.
How To Stop Phenolic Yellowing: The interesting thing is that once the yellowing occurs there is no recourse. The carpet will be altered chemically and the real way to repair it is to have new carpet installed. The way to stop this is to make sure you know your carpet and rugs and also move your heavy items often. You want to expose as much carpet as possible when having your carpets cleaned to allow the carpet to breath. This will help to prevent the phenolic yellowing from happening.

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