Cleaning the Most Common Types of Carpet Stains in Van Nuys, CA; Pet Urine & Juice, Coffee, Blood Spills & More

When you have children or pets in a home you know all too well that stains on the carpet is a way of life. There seems to be spills often or pet accidents that occur in everyday life. Stains on your carpet should be cleaned up as soon as possible to ensure that it is treated and removed all the way. Having a good process for cleaning up stains is a great way to be ready for a spill. Also knowing what kind of stains you are dealing with is a big part of cleaning. To have the best result when cleaning stains you should call a professional carpet cleaning company out. We have the cleaning solutions and equipment to clean stains of all kinds.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Lists the Most Common Types Of Stains You May Encounter

Juice Stains on Carpet: If you have kids in your home it seems like they are always walking around holding a juice cup. That means spills are going to occur. It seems that kid’s juice such as Kool aid has a bunch of dye in them to make them that fun color that makes kids want to drink it. The juice itself is not so much the problem but the dye will dye the carpet fibers as well. You want to have a process to clean the Kool aid as soon as possible so that you have the best chance of removing it completely. The best way to do that is to use a professional carpet cleaner.
Urine Pet Stains on Carpet: A pet stain is usually urine and it a serious problem for many homeowners. Urine has many properties in it that make it hard to treat when it starts to soak into the carpet fibers and padding. You may not even notice that there is a problem but you are sure going to smell it. The smell from a urine stain can last even after you have tried to clean the spot. You need to be sure that the stain is cleaned properly and with the correct technique to ensure that the entire stain has been removed.
Carpet Coffee Spills: Most people like to take a few minutes to enjoy their morning coffee and that could lead to a spill. Coffee is a problem for many people when it is spilled and it takes a lot of work to remove it. The yellow or brown stain is unsightly and needs to be removed by a professional. Many people choose to use a vinegar and water or a dish soap and water mixture to remove the stain.
Blood Stains on Carpet: When it comes to a blood stain on any type of fabric including carpet it needs to be treated right away. The stain needs to be treated immediately because it attaching and stains fast. Many times you need to use a cleaner that has some action to it to help pull the stain away from the carpet.

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