Spilled Water on Carpet in Los Angeles, CA; How to Dry, Clean, Deodorize & Remove Water Spots & Stains

Did you know that there is a particular way to treat a water spot on your carpet and upholstery? The starting question is how can water actually stain your carpet or leave a spot! Water is the one thing that you use to hydrate yourself, cook, drink and clean with. Water is an element that is made up of hydrogen and oxygen and is a necessary part of life. It seems unlikely that water could possibly cause a stain but the water itself is not the problem. You need to know what to do to treat the water spot and remove it from your carpet. To do that it is a best to understand the reason that water makes a spot and how to take care of it.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Explains What a Water Spot is & How To Treat & Remove it From Your Carpets & Upholstery

How Does Water Cause a Spot: When you think about water it seems that it is too pure to actually leave a spot on the carpet or anything else. Water is what you drink, cook and clean with and it seems that it shouldn’t leave a spot. The thing is that water is not completely pure because it has gone through the earth before it makes it into your home. Water goes through the rocks and earth where it can collect sediment and minerals. These are really what you need to worry about and not so much the actual water. The water is full of sediment and minerals that are not really an issue for cleaning and cooking until it is spilled on your carpet. The water can also have other additives from your city or county water source such as fluoride. The stain occurs when the water is spilled and dries out. The moisture is now gone but the sediment and minerals are still there. It can look like white lines on the carpet or upholstery and will need to be treated and removed.
How To Treat & Remove a Water Stain: If you have a water spot on your carpet or upholstery you will want to clean it. The spot can be unsightly and make the area look messy and dirty. It is a great idea to clean the area with a technique that is sure to work. You don’t want to treat the spot with anything too harsh so that it won’t cause any damage. The water spot can be treated in a simple way. The minerals and the sediment will not soak into the carpet fibers and can be agitated and vacuumed up. You want to spray the area with warm water and allow it to sit for 30 seconds. Then use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the rest of the debris. This is the best way to treat a water spot.

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If you want to have the carpets cleaned and the water spot removed you can call a professional carpet cleaning company. Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning offers custom cleaning and restoration services.

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