Common Steps Taken When New Hardwood Floors Are Installed in North Hollywood, CA; Preparation, Installation, Finishing Touches & More

Are you trying to decide what type of flooring is best for you and your home? There are several options when choosing a floor and one of the more modern options is hardwood floors. Although it has become more modern it is also a traditional flooring option as well. Hardwood comes in many options such as types of wood as well as colors. The best thing about hardwood floors is that they are a beautiful addition to a home and adds flare to any house. Hardwood floors are great but they need to be installed by a professional. When you have hardwood installed you want to be sure that it lasts. Hardwood is a great for many reasons but one is that the floors can be sanded down and refinished to get them to last longer. When you have hardwood floors installed you should be aware what goes into the process.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Lists Several Steps Taken When Hardwood Floors Are Installed in Your Home

Hardwood Floor Preparation is Key: When you decide to have hardwood floors installed many times you will need to have your old flooring picked up. If you have carpet there may be padding, glue and tack strips. They need to be removed for starters. If you have tile or hardwood already installed you need to have the glue or other adhesive removed from the subfloor. Subfloors need to be cleaned and all the debris removed from it so that the floor in prepared for the installation. This can be hard work and it may require particular types of tools and equipment to get the job done. If you choose to skip this step for some reason you will be unhappy with the outcome of your new hardwood floor installation.
Hardwood Floor Installation: The next step when you are having your hardwood floors done is the installation step. At this point you have already had time to pick out the wood, color and style. The installer will be able to start his work on the freshly prepared subfloor. There are several ways that hardwood floors can be installed in a home. They can be glued down to the floor one at a time. They can also be nailed down or floated in the room. Each of these installation processes are good for certain types of subfloors and homes. When you purchase the hardwood floor planks they are manufactured for a particular type of install. The professional will know what to do and how to handle it so it is done properly.
Hardwood Flooring Finishing Touches: This is the part in the process that if there are any small gaps to fill it is done. The installer will come check each area for any spaces that need to have a piece specially cut and added. They might also need to look at the spaces where the hardwood floors meet other flooring options.

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