Does My Carpet Need Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA Even if it Doesn’t Look Heavily Soiled or Disgusting?

When you look at your carpets do you think they look clean? It is very likely that the carpets look clean but you may be surprised to know that they are not! The carpets are a tricky textile to see dirt and debris on but they are dirty as soon as you start living on them. When they were installed and right after they are cleaned professionally are the only times that you can say your carpets are clean. You might think as long as they look clean they don’t need to be cleaned. The problem is really simply understood when put in another context. If you wore the same shirt for months and had some spills and maybe even let your dog sleep on it would you wear it and think that it was clean? That is the same abuse that your carpet goes through on a daily basis. Even if you don’t wear shoes indoors and you pets stay outside you are going to have dirt building up on your carpets. To ensure that your carpets don’t just look clean but actually are clean is to have them cleaned on a regular basis by a professional.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Explains Why Your Carpets Are Actually Soiled Even Though They Appear Clean

Carpets Are Made to Hide Dirt: When synthetic carpets were first being used the fibers were not manufactured to hide the soil that is destined to be dropped on the floor. The fibers did not have the right shape so instead of hiding the dirt they actually showed it all. Not only did the carpets show all the dirt they also made the carpets look dirtier then the actually were. Now that more research and design have been put into the carpets they do a much better job. The carpets now have fibers that are shaped to hide the soiling that will occur on the carpets. That is why you might be blinded to how dirty your carpets actually are. The fibers are able to hide the appearance of dirt and other debris which means that it is still all there you just don’t see it! No matter what the carpets are looking like you need to be sure that you keep up on your regular carpet cleaning services. It should include rug cleaning, spot treatments, pet stain and odor removal and general carpet cleaning.
Air Has Pollutants & Debris: There are some people that say they live alone or they don’t have many visitors so their carpet is clean. They are under the assumption that if you don’t walk around in the room the carpets have to be clean. The biggest problem is that they are still dirty. The dirt and debris is coming from the air! The air in your home is being filtered and even if you are good at changing the filters there is still pollutants, dust, bacteria and skin cells floating through the air. All of that has to end up somewhere and the last stop in your home is the carpets. The microscopic particles are all over the carpets even though you can’t see them.

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