Guide for How to Clean Small & Large Area Rugs Made of Different Materials in Studio City, CA

Many people use area rugs in their homes and businesses for a number of reasons; décor to accessorize the room, protect the primary flooring from wear or a combination are among the most common reasons. In any case, area rugs are typically selected as a depiction of the individual’s tastes to enhance the space. Spotted or ill-kept rugs can bring an otherwise immaculate room down. Keeping your area rug well maintained is ideal for the overall condition, longevity and presentation. Considering that, we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to share a basic area rug guide on how to keep your area rugs in pristine condition.

How to Clean Small & Large Area Rugs

When it comes to larger area rugs, treat them as you would wall to wall carpet. The general guidelines for caring for various rugs can be found below. If you are getting new rugs, or the older rugs still carry the tag, do not remove them. The labels give information on how to clean and treat stains; always follow the labels directions.
How to Clean Small Area Rugs: Smaller rugs that can be easily rolled up and carried outside should be cleaned by shaking them out well and vigorously beaten to loosen the compact soil; be sure to your local ordinances are permutable for such activities if you are unsure. To ensure all dirt and debris is cleaned, hit the rug, front and back, with a vacuum.
Cleaning Large Area Rugs: Larger rugs require routine vacuuming on the front and back side to prevent added wear from the traction of dirt and debris caused from foot traffic, along with damage done to the primary flooring.
– When vacuuming both small and large area rugs, avoid sucking up any fringe as it will cause damage.
– For rugs that accumulate pet hair that the vacuum can’t manage to extract, use a stiff brush in the direct of the nap to clear it out.
– Be sure to rotate the rugs twice a year and if possible, rearrange the furniture to create new foot traffic patterns to even out the wear and prevent fading from the sun’s rays.

Tips for Cleaning Specific Types of Area Rugs

The rugs that are uniquely designed require alternative methods for thorough cleaning. Below you will find some basic guides to help you clean specifically constructed rugs.
1) How to Clean Braided or Woven Rugs: For braided or woven rug’s that cannot be cleaned in the washer per label’s directions, layout a plastic drop cloth, and with a soft bristle brush, sponge on cool water to loosen the soil. If they are machine washable, place the rug in a zipper pillow case or mesh laundry bag. Wash the protected rug on gentle cycle with cool water, allow the rinse cycle, and low tumble dry.
2) Cleaning Sisal, Rush, Grass, or Coir Rugs: Dirt easily sifts through these rugs and onto the primary flooring because of the weaving natural fiber rugs are designed with. Daily vacuum is optimal and routinely vacuuming under the rugs is equally necessary. All of these rugs are general reversible; be sure to alternate sides every time you vacuum to distribute the wear. When these rugs begin looking dingy, wash them lying on a flat surface and a plastic drop cloth. Use warm soapy water and a soft brush to scrub them clean; follow up with clear water rinse. It is important to expedite the drying process by using fans, open windows if applicable and blotting as much moisture as possible with dry towels. Water weakens the rug and washing them should only occur when necessary.
3) Sheepskin, Hair-on Hides & Fur Area Rug Cleaning: Moderately shake unscented talcum powder on the surface of these types of rugs and let it stand for several hours. Before shaking the rug free from the powder, work it in by brushing the talcum powder through the hair, repeat until the powder is gone. Use a clean cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm soapy water to wipe away any dirt or spots on the back of these types of rugs. With a water-only damp clone, rinse off the soapy residues. Leave the backside up until it fully dry.
4) How to Clean Antique, Hand-Knotted, Handmade, and Oriental Rugs: These rugs are especially delicate, only vacuum when needed by first laying a nylon screen on top of the rug or tie down nylon mesh. If these rugs are afflicted with stains or need a deep require, invest in a professional cleaning to ensure they are done correctly without damage.

General Area Rug Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips

Deep Cleaning of Rugs: Like carpets, rugs should be cleaned by a professional to get a deep clean; at least once a year and as often as needed.
Common Stain Removal from Rugs: If your rug is spilled upon, immediately attend to the agent; you can prevent a lot of staining. Always blot, never scrub or rub, just makes the potential worse. Always perform a patch test on a cleaner of choice in a small inconspicuous area to ensure the colors don’t fade or the fibers get damaged.
Multipurpose Rug Stain Removal: In a squirt bottle mix together 1 part white vinegar, 3 parts water, and tsp liquid dish soap.
Removing Paint Stains from Rugs: While the acrylic or latex paint is still wet, apply the above formula on a rag and blot up the paint; depending on the volume paint, you may need multiple rags. If a faded layer of paint remains, dampen cotton balls with rubbing alcohol and continue to blot. Oil-based painted should be cautiously treated with an odorless mineral spirits or a citrus-oxygen cleaner. Lightly sponge on the cleaner and blot until paint is pulled up.
Melted Wax & Gum Rug Stain Removal: Collect several ice cubes in a sandwich bag and after peeling off what you can, place the baggy of ice cubes on the wax until it is melted or the spot is hardened. Use a dull edged implement to scrape it off and vacuum up any remnants. If there is a remaining stain, use a dry-solvent spot cleaner according to the directions.
Removing Fat Based Stains from Rugs: On fat-based stains such as gravy, butter, or margarine, use a use a dry-solvent spot carpet cleaner.
Alcoholic Beverages, Coffee, Tea & Soft Drink Spill Stain Removal: Apply to the multipurpose homemade rug cleaner on the offending spot generously, but do not over saturate, use a dry cloth to blot the moisture and the stain up, repeat until stain fades away, rinse with pure water and a damp cloth; use a dry towel and a few weights to absorb the moisture over night.
Removing Urine, Feces & Vomit Rug Stains: Use a citrus-oxygen cleaner or the above mentioned DIY cleaner above on the stain, blot clean, rinse, and dry.

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