What Causes Rust on Carpet & How to Clean & Remove Rust Stains in Van Nuys, CA

Sometimes stains can occur on your carpet without ever exposing it to drinks, food, or other known causes of stains. One stain that can catch many homeowners off guard is rust stains. Furniture with metal footing, lamps and other metal décor item that sits on carpet can cause rust stains on carpets. Many of us might believe the stain is permanent. However, Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning will share how you can get those rust stains out of your carpet.

How is Rust Formed?

Rust is formed from iron oxide which is a reaction we call “oxidation.” Oxidation occurs when iron reacts to the presence of moisture in the air or with direct contact to water. When the iron corrodes and most commonly on alloy steel, it will form reddish brown flakes which then adhere to other surfaces. The result is rust. Rust can come from furniture, lamps, and other household items that come into contact with our floors.

How to Clean Rust Stains from Carpet

Sometimes and it may not be until you remove your furniture that you discover the stain. This means the rust may have been sitting on top of your carpets for quite a while. When discovering the rust stain and the cause of the stain, you may want to remove the problem to prevent future stains. You will either want to replace the furniture or put a protective cover of some kind over the metal. Begin by cleaning the rust flakes off of the carpet. A butter knife is a great tool to use to scrape the rust off without damaging your carpet. However, make sure you scrape the rust flake off very gently. Next, pour a few drops of liquid dish soap onto a sponge. Blot the soap onto the stain with the sponge and let the dish soap soak on the stain for about 5 to 10 minutes. With a white cloth–one you don’t mind disposing of afterwards–press onto the rust stains. Continue to blot at the stain with firm pressure. The rust should begin to transfer onto the white cloth as you blot at the rust. Keep in mind that not all of the rust will be removed at this point in most cases. Your next step is to mix 2 cups of warm water and 1 Tbsp of ammonia into a bowl or cup. Pour the mixture directly onto the stain and let the mixture sit for 5 minutes. With a white cloth, blot at the stain. If any rust residue is being a little stubborn and clings to the carpet, try this last step. Mix together lemon juice, salt, and vinegar. Pour the mixture directly onto the stain and then let the mixture stand on the stain for a few hours. With a damp cloth, blot at the rust stain. Make sure you rinse the cloth between blotting to prevent the stain from spreading.

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Rust stains can be stubborn to remove out of carpets. However by following each of these steps, you can reclaim your beautiful, clean carpet. If you find you need help deep cleaning your carpets, or any of the other services that Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning can provide to you, contact us today.

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