How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned with Hot Water Extraction Steam Carpet Cleaning Method in Los Angeles, CA

In almost any demographic carpeting garners a major percentage of the floor covering materials. Except for those extreme allergy sufferers, carpeting and/or large area rugs is the norm. But being floor coverings, they accumulate debris, dirt, grime, pollen and human and animal dander. Particulates that are suspended in the air eventually settle into the carpet or rug fibers. Much of the organics also provide a place for bacteria to live and though not long-lived, viruses may take up residency in those fibers as well.

Vacuuming Only Removes Surface Dirt from Carpet

Vacuuming can remedy the problems with the surface elements that do not penetrate or are pushed deep into the carpet. Pet and human dander are broken down and devoured by many denizens that reside in carpets. Many of these are allergens or produce allergens from their droppings. It is all part of nature, but we must or should want to keep nature at bay in the great outdoors and protect our indoor spaces from invasion. Dirt, sand or any other particle like invaders will break down fibers in rugs and carpet through abrasion. Sand particles will actually cut through carpet fibers. Long pile carpets ‘crush’ as the piles lays down and does not stand. Even low-cut pile may with high traffic, get a matted or crushed look.

Remove Stains that Damage Carpet

The other mechanism that damages or compromises our carpets is spills. Items like wine, soft drinks and juices are heavy in natural coloring and staining agents or are full of commercial food dyes. These can cause permanent staining in the carpet or rug.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

While residential carpets call for carpet cleaning every 3 to 5 years, commercial applications require cleaning about every other year. The most effective method is the deep water extraction method. In this method detergents are added to hot water and injected into the carpet. Sometimes it may even be agitated. A clear hot water rinse is applied to remove soap and detergent and other chemical residues and allowed to dry. Because of the hot water used, steam is a byproduct and the process are inaccurately referred to as ‘steam cleaning’ of carpets. The detergents penetrate deep carried by the hot water. This loosens particles, dissolves oils, grease, wax and other hard to remove dirt and grime. The water floats this ‘stuff’ to the surface when the rinse is applied, and all the bad stuff is sucked up by the cleaner. The more powerful units are truck mounted and provide a deep and thorough cleaning. While other carpet cleaning methods may leave the detergent and chemical additives behind. The rinse removes most of the chemical residue. Odors caused by the microbial action are also removed along with the underling organic material. Special treatment of stains maybe required. Stain removing chemicals require some time to accomplish their magic. But they are removed by the deep extraction method.

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Of all carpet and rug cleaning methods available, and there are more than a few, deep hot water extraction steam cleaning is the most productive. The only con is that there is up to a 12-24 hour drying time. But the process also restorers the pile or fibers to their full height instead of matted and crushed. Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning can meet all your floor and upholstery cleaning needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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