How Often Should You Steam Clean Carpets in Northridge, CA? Spills, Stains, Pets, High Traffic & More

The carpets in your home are there to add some comfort and to bring warmth and color to the room. Many people choose to have carpets in their living spaces and in the bedrooms. It is a great choice for flooring but needs to be taken care of to ensure that it looks its best. Carpet cannot be taken out and cleaned thoroughly so you need to use a professional carpet cleaner to protect the flooring. We are able to remove stains as well as pull out the hard to reach dust and dirt. Some people don’t know when to have their carpets cleaned and how often.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Lists What to Look For When Having Your Carpets Cleaned & How Often to Schedule

How Many People Live In The Home: When you are looking at your carpets and trying to decide on when to have them cleaned there are several aspects to consider. One factor is the amount of people that are living in the home. If you are single and the only one living in the home it will mean you have less staining and less high traffic areas. If you have a home that has kids or more people in it the more likely the chances of spills, stains and high traffic areas. Depending on the amount of people that you have in and out of your home the more you may need to have your carpets cleaned.
Stains & Spills on Carpet: You also need to consider the amount and extent of spills and stains that you are dealing with. A home that has small children in it are more likely to have spills from sippy cups and dropped treats than a home that has just adults. You need to have a plan on treating spills in between the regular professional cleanings but be sure that if you are cleaning them often you have the carpets cleaned sooner. The sooner the carpet cleaning company can get out and treat the stains and spills properly the more likely the carpets will last.
Do You Have Pets on Your Carpet: This is a big deal when deciding on the carpet cleaning schedule. A pet could have stains like urine and feces that can soak into the carpet all the way into the padding. Pets not only have accidents but they have pet hair and dander that can be on the carpet fibers. The pet hair and dander is a huge concern for people that suffer from allergies and asthma. The vacuum will be able to pull up some of the hair and dander but the stuff that is already compacted down needs to be removed with an industrial cleaner. If you have a pet of any kind you should consider having the carpets cleaned more often.
Carpets Look Dirty: You really never want to wait for your carpets to look dirty before you decide to have them cleaned professionally. If you are noticing that your carpets are looking dirty sooner than you need to up the amount of time that you are having them cleaned. If the carpets are dirty it is due to dust and dirt being deposited on the carpets. The dirt and dust is attaching to the carpet fibers and causing the carpets to look dirty.

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