How to Remove Old Stains from Carpet in North Hollywood, CA; Best Temperature, Patch Test, Blotting & More

Carpets are quite an investment with the cost of materials and installation. Keeping it in prime condition is the goal of most home and business owners. Carpets can accessorize any room’s décor and if it becomes dingy and stained, no matter how immaculate everything else is, the room will look filthy. Most people know to keep your carpet well cared for means regular vacuuming, minimizing direct sunlight and rotating furniture around every so often whenever possible. But there is a lot of information everyone should know concerning the stains that might blemish your carpet. Today, we at Eco Clean Air Ducts would like to share some tips and advice concerning the treatment of carpet stains.

How to Remove Old Stains from Carpet

1) Best Water Temperature to Remove Stains. Avoid the heat. Generally speaking, using hot temperature water or equipment will result in the stain setting in; making the stain near or impossible to remove. Stick with cool water or lukewarm water when performing stain removal.
2) Stain Removal Patch Test. People will often bypass the patch test. Do not be tempted to save some time and skip it. No matter if you prefer the commercial premade cleaning products, or favor homemade remedies, just be sure to perform your patch test in an inconspicuous area. If the chemical compounds, or natural ingredients should happen to compromise the carpets integrity, or alter the color, it is best to have it contained in a small spot and out of plain sight.
3) Do Not Over Saturate Carpet. More is not always better. When it comes to liquids, your carpet can be damaged. By over saturating your carpet, mold and water damage can happen from underneath carpet without you realizing it before it is too late. If a stubborn stain requires repeat attempts, blot the excess moisture with a dry towel or cloth in between applications to avoid over saturation.
4) Treat Carpet Stains ASAP. The longer a stain festers into the carpet, the more difficult it is to remove. If a spill should happen, no matter how minimal or obtuse, tend it as soon as possible.
5) Blot Carpet Stains. Instincts and frustration will encourage you to rub and scrub vigorously at a stain. Avoid this impulse. Blot and pat up the stains. If the stain is treated with vigorous scrubbing and rubbing, it actually spreads out wider and gets pushed deeper into the fibers. Blotting with mild to moderate or if the occasion calls for excessive pressure, is all that you should do when removing stains.
6) Use Plain Cloths to Treat Carpet Stains. Dyes and prints from towels, cloths, and paper towels can transfer onto carpets when trying to remove other stains, creating a very chaotic problem. Use paper towels, cloths, or towels that are white and free of prints and designs.
7) Dry Carpet. After you have finished treating the stain, whether you were successful or not, it is crucial you put forth your best efforts to dry the area. Blot it with dry towels, flip on ceiling fans and floor fans, open windows, and if necessary, place a thick dry towel down with weights on top of it over night to ensure a thorough drying.
8) Vacuum Carpet. Vacuuming the area that was treated once it is fully dry, even if it takes until the following morning, can help the fibers rebound to the original shape as well as extract any lingering residue. Don’t be tempted to skip the vacuuming.

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