How to Clean & Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas & Extend its Life in Van Nuys, CA; Walk Off Mats, Runners & More

Getting new carpets in your home is a wonderful and exciting change. But once you have made that somewhat pricey investment, you should know some basic facts to extend the life of the projected lifespan of your beautiful and perfect carpet. Today, we at Eco Clean Air Ducts would like to do just that and share some tips and advice to better preserve the longevity of your carpet.

How to Clean & Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas & Extend its Life

1. Carpet pads. When getting new carpet, people often neglect the expense of a quality carpet pad. Don’t be tempted to save a few bucks on the initial cost and invest in top quality carpet padding. Carpet padding offers so much more than adequate thickness for comfort. It will also reduce wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas and stairs. Be sure to do your homework and find prime padding that includes a well planned warranty.
2. Walk-off mats. Strategically place walk-off mats at every door used to come in and out. Exterior mats need to be durable and designed to endure the elements as well as able to absorb as much moisture as possible and rough enough to knock off mud. Interior mats at every door need to be of adequately size and washing machine safe. To better protect your new carpet, ensure the mats have a rubber bottom. Clean the walk-off mats, both interior and exterior mats diligently and if possible, have the residents of your home avoid wearing shoes constantly.
3. Vacuum carpets. Vacuuming is important maintenance. Experts recommend a regular vacuuming a minimum of twice a week. Once a week for rooms that get little traffic, and daily for carpets that is traversed throughout the day by children and pets. By keeping the dust, dirt and other debris off of carpets, it prevents it from traveling deep into the fibers. As the filth build up, the carpet looks dingy and prematurely aged as well as cause early deterioration from the grit sandpapering the bottom from walking.
4. Professional deep steam carpet cleaning. Annually, carpets should be professionally cleaned. Once your carpet is about a year old; that is when you want to get the first professional cleaning. No matter if your carpet appears as clean as the day you bought it, or if it’s riddled with obvious wear and stains, allow a professional to extract the bottom dwelling debris, stains, and odors.
5. Stain resistant treatment. Many carpets on the market today are enhanced with a pre-treatment anti-staining solution. However, following every professional deep carpet cleaning, include an anti-staining treatment to your package to help minimize the blunders.
7. Spot clean carpet stains. Tend to the stains as the spills and accidents happen. The longer a stain has to fester, the harder it is to remove.
8. Rotate furniture. Carpet can easily get dented or crushed under the weight of furniture. Traffic patterns around the furniture form causing excessive wear and tear in concentrated areas. If you have the space and room design, periodically change the furniture around so the abuse can rotate around, evening out the wear.
9. Reduce sunlight on carpet. In rooms where the sunlight drowns a room, it is encouraged that you invest in screens or blinds to minimize the duration of the sun’s rays overwhelming your carpet. Too much sunlight can fade carpet shades, or even cause excessive drying, leaving your carpet vulnerable to daily life.
10. Maintain the fray. If the carpet edges start to fray as the years go by, resist the urge to rip it off, it will just unravel more carpeting. Instead, take some scissors and carefully trim away the fray.

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