How to Clean & Get Dog & Cat Pet Urine Pee Stains Out of Tile Grout in Beverly Hills, CA

Pets are truly an asset to any loving home. They give love unconditionally and their loyalty and devotion is incomparable. As we invite them into our homes, we do have to contend with common problems such as the excessive fur/hair, the claws, and the pet accidents. Pet accidents especially can be a challenge to tend to. However, carpets and rugs are not the type of flooring that suffer negative impacts from pet accidents, but so can hardwood flooring and even tile and grout. At this time, we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to discuss pet accidents on tile and grout.

Tile & Grout Sealer Stain Prevention

There are treatments that are designed to protect the tile, and especially the porous grout from stains, including pet stains. Sealants are a barrier that does require periodic applications as it dissipates over time. More often than not, professionals will offer a sealing service following a deep professional tile and grout cleaning, but if they do not offer this service, you can easily apply the sealant yourself. It helps your tile and grout resist the pet accidents from stains and odors. Tile that is inflicted to scratches and porous grout can absorb more stains left behind from pet accidents and the attached odors making your tile and grout look drab and marred.

Clean Stains on Tile Right Away

Immediate action is essential to avoid stains, much like carpets. The longer the stains fester on your tile and grout, the more difficult it is to remove the stains as well as the tile and grout undergoes additional damage. pH is very important to many materials and grout is not an exception. When it comes to pet urine, for instance, the pH is about 6 when it is fresh, as it dries; the pH rises, potentially reaching between 10 and 12. As the pH escalates, so can the damage. When the pH levels increase, the surface has an effect of oxidation causing the color of the infected surface can be alter. If not addressed immediately and left to dry for extended periods of time, the damage will likely become irreversible. In most cases, removing the pet stains that were not immediately treated requires professional cleaning as the DIY methods and techniques are ineffective. In addition to stains and odors, the tile and grout surfaces can be susceptible to etching because of the acidic content found in vomiting, urine, and defecating. If the issues are not properly cared for, the cracks are unsightly and eventually lead to crumbling. With some serious etching that was caused by pet accidents, the floors may need to be re-grouted.

Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing & More in Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Northridge & Greater Los Angeles, California

Routine care of your tile and grout, professional cleaning, and ensuring pet accidents are cleaned up as quickly as possible, the tile and grout can be spared from other dangers. Pet accidents create optimal circumstances for bacteria to breed and thrive within the grout. With your quick reaction, much of the bacteria are killed, and lingering bacteria is completely removed with professional services leaving the tile and grout clean, sanitized, and deodorized. For pets that are particularly repeat offenders, getting your tile and grout professionally cleaned is especially optimal to control bacteria growth. For the maximum level of disinfectant, call in the experts of Eco Carpet Cleaning for a professional tile and grout cleaning.

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