Never Skip Cleaning Your Area Rugs in Van Nuys, CA! Rugs Get Dirty, Stained & Damaged if Not Professionally Cleaned Regularly

When you are ready to clean your carpets you are most likely doing what many people do. You go through the house and remove everything that you can to get the majority of the carpet exposed. This way you know that the carpet is being cleaned and you are covering as much area as possible. The carpet needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is to ensure that the carpet is clean, stains are removed and the life of the carpet is extended. One mistake that many people make is removing their area rugs and rolling them up while the carpets are being cleaned. The area rugs are used to decorate a particular area or to cover some hard flooring. Whatever the purpose of the rug it needs to be cleaned often just like the carpet. The rugs are actually getting the majority of the debris and dirt since that is what is covering some of the carpeted area. When you choose to just roll them up and move them you are doing a huge disservice to yourself.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Explains Why it is Important to Have Your Area Rugs Cleaned Often

Area Rugs Get Dirty: When you choose to roll up your rugs while you have your carpets cleaned you are also just rolling up the dirt as well. The dirt is in the fibers of the area rug and that means that it will still be there when the rug is rolled back out. When the rug is put back on the carpet all that dirt that you just paid to have removed will easily be right back on the carpet. The rugs are often in areas that are considered high traffic and that means that it is prone to more dirt. You want to be sure that your area rugs are also cleaned professionally when the carpets are done as well. Be sure to set up the area rug cleaning and let the cleaning technician know that you want them cleaned as well.
Area Rugs Can Get Stained with Pet Urine: Another reason to have your rugs cleaned professionally is if you have any spills and stains. When something is spilled on the rug or a pet has an accident; you need to get to cleaning it up as soon as possible. The stain can easily set in and will need to be cleaned professionally to ensure that it is taken care of.
Area Rugs Can Be Damaged: The rugs may need to be damaged when you allow the dirt and debris to sit on it. Most people spend a lot of money on the rugs and you don’t want them damaged and need to be replaced prematurely. The dirt and other debris that is left on the rugs can cause the fibers to collapse and the colors to fade. If you want to keep the integrity of the carpet intact it is best to have it cleaned professionally. This will extend the life of the rug and keep it looking great.

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