Tips to Keep Carpets Clean this Summer in North Hollywood, CA; Door Mats, Vacuuming & More

The summer means a lot of things. It means that weather has warmed up, the days are longer and the kids are home from school. With the kid’s home and the warm weather, it means more traffic coming in and out of your house. That also means more dirt, messes and spills that will be on your carpet. The carpets are easily getting more traffic and dirtier through the summer and that is why it is so important to have some rules. You want to be sure that you have a plan this summer to keep your carpets from getting too dirty. The kids are sure to be in and out of the house swimming and playing outdoors which are all sure fire ways to have your home messier and your carpets stained.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Offer Some Ideas to Keep Your Carpets Clean While the Kids Are Home this Summer

Shoe Bins to Keep Shoes Off Carpet: This is the time of year that people seem to spend more time outdoors but they also are going in and out of the house. The more they are going in and out, the more dirt and debris they are carrying with them. One way that you can help to combat the dirt being dragged in is to have an area for shoes. Shoes are one of the main things that bring the dirt onto the carpet. Even if you don’t have a bin year round, the summer is a great time to have a good spot for shoes to go. You can set a bin on your porch or in your entry way. You can also use a shoe rack that is out so that anyone walking in realizes that they need to remove their shoes. Another way to help get their attention is to have a sign up that says to remove shoes.
Door Mats to Wipe Your Feet: You most likely have several entrances to your home that your family will use. These areas are where you and your family are most likely to be dragging in dirt. You can help with the shoe removal but there will still be some people that won’t take off their shoes or pets that don’t wear shoes. That is why you want to have mats at the doors that people use to come in and out of your house. This will help to remove the debris from feet and paws before they come on the carpet. You want to be sure that you clean off the rugs regularly.
Carpet Vacuuming Tips: The vacuum is your friend all year round but be sure that you are vigilant in the summer. The summer means more traffic and more traffic means more dirt. That is why you need to use your vacuum more often to remove as much dirt as you can. Also be sure that your vacuum is clean and your filters are changed out.

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