How to Clean & Remove Dried or Sticky Super, Gorilla & Other Glue from Carpet in Northridge, CA

The reason that you get carpet in your home whether it is in a living room or a bedroom is to bring some comfort to the area. Carpets are supposed to be soft, lush and fluffy and when something is spilled on them that causes them to be hard or compact it can be a problem for a homeowner. One spill that seems impossible to get off the carpet is glue! The kids are off doing an art project and seem to spill things like glue and they “forget” to tell you about it. Then you are walking around and feel that crunchy feeling only to realize it is glue. Just like any other stain that might end up on your carpet you need to do what you can to treat it. You need to use a method that is particular to this type of stain. Using the right method is pertinent to getting the stain or spot all the way out.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Lists Several Methods For Glue Removal From Your Carpets

Remove Glue from Carpet with an Iron: When you are dealing with hot glue or other types of glue you can use a heat treatment to get it off your carpet. You will need to collect a clean cloth that you are okay ruining and your iron that you use to iron your clothes. Lay the cloth on the area that the glue was spilled. Then you can set your iron to the hottest setting before it starts to steam. Then run the iron over the spot several times to heat the glue that is under the cloth. This will soften the glue and allow it to become stuck to the cloth rather than your carpet. Then you can pick up the cloth and the glue right along with it. Use this treatment with care so you don’t end up burning your carpets.
Scratch Dried Glue from Carpet: If you want another way to remove the glue you can try and scratch it off with a hard object. This can be a butter knife or plastic card that you can use to chip away the hardened bits. The best way to do this method is to work a small spot at a time. If you try and go too big you might cause damage to the fibers. The fibers will then get frayed and leave the carpet looking beat up. Once you have chipped what you can away you want to be sure to follow up with a good vacuuming of the area. That way all the glue is pulled away from the carpet so it is not traipsed around the house.

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If you are not to sure about the best way to remove the glue you can always use a professional. A carpet cleaning company will be able to pretreat the glue and clean it with their commercial power cleaning solutions and equipment. We can also clean the rest of the carpet at the same time as well as rugs and other flooring. Contact Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning today!

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