Mattress Care Guide in Los Angeles, CA; Rotation, Cleaning, Protective Covers & More

Often bed mattresses gets neglected or taken for granted. Proper care, like anything else, is just as important for a mattress. Not only does a mattress need its own care, doing so helps extend its usage. It also provides a better and healthier sleeping environment for you and your family. For those who may feel a bit lost on how to care for a mattress, Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning will share how to properly care for and maintain your household’s mattresses for a healthier sleeping environment and even extend the life of your mattresses.

Mattress Care Guide

1. As you begin to use your mattress, you will want to rotate the mattress every three months or so and about every six months, flip it over. This helps to spread out the stress of the constant weight through your entire bed which will help prolong the wear of your bed, especially for beds that use springs.
2. Mattress covers are another great way to care for your bed. The cover will help prevent accidents or stains on the direct mattress. This doesn’t just help keep the actual mattress clean but it will also help extend the need for deep cleaning. Additionally mattress covers will also reduce allergens, dust mites, or even beg bugs in your bed.
3. It is also good to let your mattress breathe. It is said you will want to wash bedding and even mattress coverings once a week. This is also a good time to let your mattress air out and breathe a bit. Additionally while you’re washing your bedding you will want to take this time to vacuum both sides of your mattress. At the very least, vacuum the mattress when you rotate or flip it every few months.
4. Even if you use a mattress cover, you still want to have your mattresses professionally cleaned once a year. By having your mattress cleaned you can remove any mold or fungi that may be inside of the mattress as well as the dust or dirt. Additionally, by having your mattress cleaned you can kill any dust mite population or even bed bugs or their eggs if present.
5. You will want to make sure your mattress is also properly supported. Especially larger mattresses such as king or even a queen. Make sure the bed frame is solid. You may even want to use a fitted board to lay in the inner support of the bed frame to give the mattress complete support.
6. Most people will remove the mattress tag. While it isn’t a major issue to remove the tag from off the mattress, you may want to either record the information on it or even keep the tag in another place for safe keeping. Mattresses come in many different types of materials, and each will have their own proper care and maintenance procedures. Additionally you may want to hold onto it for the warranty claim as well.
7. When caring for and trying to extend the life of a mattress, it goes without saying that it is a bad idea to use a mattress for a trampoline. Kids are notorious for jumping on the bed. This just destroys the inner structure of the bed and the springs.

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By following these basic guidelines, you can extend the life of your mattress and have a healthier sleep environment for you and your family. If it’s time to have your mattresses deep cleaned, leave it to Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning. We provide mattress cleaning along with many other services. Contact Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning today to schedule your mattress cleaning.

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