What to Do Before the Carpet Cleaning Crew Arrive to Steam Clean Your Carpets in Studio City, CA

When you are getting ready to have your carpets cleaned there are a few steps that need to take place. If you were going to take your car into the car wash you get your personal belongings out or if you go work out you change your clothes. The same goes for carpet cleaning. If you are going to pay for a service you want to make sure that you get the most for your money. That is why doing some preparation will go a long way. If you are using a professional carpet cleaning company they will often give you a time frame that they plan to come and do the job in. That way you have enough time to take care of all the preparations.

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Lists How to Prepare for Professional Carpet Cleaners

Clear the Path for the Carpet Cleaners: The first thing that you want to do is to determine what rooms you want to have cleaned. The rooms that you are wanting cleaned need to be prepared. That means you want to see how much of the carpeted area is exposed. There are usually pieces of furniture in the room whether it is a dresser, couches or a bed. The best thing that you can do is to take as much of the furniture out of the room. That way you have the majority of the room cleared out and the carpet is free. Then when the carpet cleaning technician comes out they can take care of more space. This will also help to keep the tone and color of the carpet smooth and even. If you skip cleaning the areas that are covered with furniture you may end up with patches that are different in shade.
Carpet Spots & Stains Need to Be Pre-Treated: The other issue that you are going to come across is what areas of the carpet need to have special attention. The carpet will have spots and stains from everyday living that will need to be treated. Some of them will even require special pre-treatment to ensure that it is cleaned all the way. You want to make sure that you go around the rooms that you are having cleaned and mark out the areas that need to be brought to the technician’s attention. This can be a spill from juice all the way to pet stains and odor that are plaguing your house. You can do a walk through with the technician to make sure that they are aware of these problem areas.
Vacuum Surface Dirt on Carpet: When you are ready to have them cleaned professionally you want to make sure that you vacuum the carpet as close to the appointment time as possible. You want to try and remove as much of the dirt and debris as you can so the cleaning company can work efficiently. When there is debris in the way the process can take longer.

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