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How to Remove Old Stains from Carpet in North Hollywood, CA; Best Temperature, Patch Test, Blotting & More

Carpets are quite an investment with the cost of materials and installation. Keeping it in prime condition is the goal of most home and business owners. Carpets can accessorize any room’s décor and if it becomes dingy and stained, no matter how immaculate everything else is, the room will look filthy. Most people know to…

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How to Clean & Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas & Extend its Life in Van Nuys, CA; Walk Off Mats, Runners & More

Getting new carpets in your home is a wonderful and exciting change. But once you have made that somewhat pricey investment, you should know some basic facts to extend the life of the projected lifespan of your beautiful and perfect carpet. Today, we at Eco Clean Air Ducts would like to do just that and…

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Carpet Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts in Northridge, CA ; Use Right Cleaners & Steam Clean, Don’t Use Hot Water or Ammonia!

When it comes to cleaning carpet there are proper methods that should be done for the best results. With carpet cleaning there are some things you shouldn’t do and those things you shouldn’t do. Following are some of the do’s and the don’ts of carpet cleaning. Eco Clean Air Ducts provides many services in carpet…

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Best Tile & Grout Cleaning Methods in North Hollywood, CA; Professional Steam Cleaning VS Homemade Solutions

When it comes to tile and grout, they can quickly be marred with a buildup of soap residue, mildew, and even mold if the conditions are right. Keeping tile and grout clean can be a challenge and something homeowners need to be fairly diligent with if they hope to avoid the filth accumulation. Sometimes, folks…

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Is Air Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money in Van Nuys, CA? Not at all! Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are the primary components to circulate the conditioned air in the various parts of your home or business building. Distributing the air isn’t all. As the air circulates, tiny particles of dust, dust mites, hairs, furs, pollen, pollutants, and other contaminates are also floating in the air. As time continues on, these particles…

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