How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner Filter, Hoses, Belts, Bag & More in North Hollywood, CA

Preserving the carpets in your home is only one of many goals. Carpets, especially quality carpets, are not cheap. Stretching out the use of them far past than their projected lifespan is ideal, especially if you are in a home you have no intentions of leaving. With daily vacuuming, 1-2 times a year of professional deep cleaning, and preventative care, your carpets can last for years. But part of the maintenance includes using tools that are operating at peak performance. Your vacuum, the primary tool, needs to be cleaned and maintained properly to ensure quality vacuuming. Bearing that in mind, we at Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips on properly cleaning your bag-less vacuum once a month.

List of Vacuum Cleaning Tools & Equipment

What you need to clean the vacuum. Collect the following for your convenience to complete the vacuuming cleaning task.
– Vacuum’s Manual
– Screwdriver that is compatible with your vacuum
– Scissors
– New Filter (should be done every 6 months)
– Mild Liquid Dish Soap Sink Bath with Warm Water
– Dry Dust Cloth
– Can of Compressed Air

Remove Detachable Vacuum Parts

Removing the detachable parts of your vacuum. All of the parts that can be removed need to be detached for washing and drying. These parts are permeable to the soapy water and can be submerged, scrubbed and laid out to air dry, however, be sure look through the vacuum’s manual to give you direction if you are uncertain, but generally, the following parts that can be removed include:
– Secondary Cyclone Component
– Dust Container
– Pre-Motor Filter
– Attachment Accessories
– Roller Brush
– HEPA Post-Motor Filter
– Extension Wand

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the rotating brush. Not all brushes can be soaked in the pre-made bath, be sure to consult the manual before submerging. To remove the rotating floor brush, unscrew the compartment that holds with the appropriate screwdriver. Pop out the rotating brush and clean, if necessary, use the scissors to cut the hair and string that has wrapped and tangled around the cylinder. After you have cut down the center use your fingers to grip the debris and pull it all off. Scrub the cylinder down if it is allowed to be bathed, otherwise, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
Washing and drying applicable vacuum components. As previously mentioned, be sure to consult the manual before submerging the detachable parts in the soapy water; but all the removable parts should be washed or wiped accordingly. Any components that cannot be submerged should at least be wiped clean with a dry dust cloth. The vacuum’s HEPA filter be replaced every 6 months according to manufactures recommendations. All of the parts need to be completely dry; to ensure thorough dryness, allow these parts to dry over night or longer if necessary before reassembly.
Wiping down interior of vacuum. The dust bin isn’t tightly sealed; as a result, the dust accumulates in the interior compartments of the vacuum. To clean it out effectively, use a can of compressed air and blast out the vacuum until dust is cleared out. If you have allergies or sensitivity to dust, wear a face mask or handkerchief and goggles if you need it. Keep in mind that this step will cause a lot of dust to explode out into the open and it is better done outside where the dust can spread out more quickly and not resurface in your home.
Inspect air passageway for clogs. Where the rotating brush is positioned is a small circular air passageway. The dirt and debris is suctioned through this pathway and can often collect residues that lead to obstructions, or minor clogs could be interfering with efficiency. To ensure the pathway is clean and clear of clogs, use a toothbrush designated for cleaning and clear out the pathway and do the same for the vacuum’s hose.
Reassemble vacuum. Begin the reassembling process once you are certain that all of the vacuums parts dry; install the new post-motor filter at this time if it is due. Give the exterior a wipe down and you are finished following the reassembly of the vacuum.

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Now that your vacuum is efficiently cleaning your carpets daily, be sure to contact Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning for your annual deep professional clean to keep your carpets clean, sanitized, and deodorized.

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