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Carpet Protector Tips in Los Angeles, CA; How to Protect Carpet from Stains in High Traffic Areas & More

The holidays are full of buzzing excitement; social functions, crafting, baking, coming to and fro and everything in between. Chances are you have already gotten your carpets cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized from the Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning experts. Keeping them looking stunning isn’t an easy feat with so much excitement. However, we at Eco Clean…

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How to Deep Steam Clean & Disinfect Your Mattress to Remove Urine & Other Stains & Odors in North Hollywood, CA

One of the important elements in your home that needs cleaning, but is often overlooked, is the mattress. Cleaning the mattress itself every 2-3 months, beyond washing the bedding periodically, will contribute to better sleep, improved health, and extend the mattress’s longevity. In addition to your cleaning efforts, manufacturers recommend that owners invest in a…

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How to Make Upholstery Last in Tarzana, CA; Fabric Durability, Sofa Cleaning & Care Tips

Upholstery can quickly go from stunning and vibrant to dull and lifeless in no time at all if you are not careful and provide the proper care the upholstery needs. Like the carpets, rugs, and other flooring options and everything else in your home, without dutiful tending, spot cleaning, preventative maintenance, and regular professional treatments,…

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